Dad Stuck In Mexico After Getting COVID-19 On Vacation, Sparks Controversy Online
Photo Credit: DimaBerlin

Photo Credit: DimaBerlin

Dad Stuck In Mexico After Getting COVID-19 On Vacation, Sparks Controversy Online

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Aug 16, 2021

An unvaccinated family from Louisiana has sparked some controversy online over their decision to vacation after three family members tested positive for COVID-19 during the trip — leaving the husband and two of their daughters stuck in Mexico.

A negative COVID-19 test result is required to enter the United States by air and Yolanda Comager tells WBRZ that her husband and their two daughters were not allowed to fly home after initially testing positive for the virus. They reportedly got their results one hour before boarding. Comager was able to fly back to Baton Rouge, Louisiana with one of their children after receiving negative results.

In the meantime, things took a turn for the worst for her husband, who had a hard time breathing and had to be admitted to the hospital. Just 24 hours in the hospital on oxygen cost the family $3,700, and unfortunately, Blue Cross Blue Shield Global Core, the family’s insurance, would not cover the costs.

“He called me in tears because he said that the hospital was refusing to treat him, and they kicked him out because he didn’t have $12,000 to continue treatments,” she told WBRZ.

Her husband was forced to leave the hospital.

Comager discovered an apparent travel loophole — a negative test result is not needed when entering the United States by land. The mother of three then decided the next best option was to put her COVID-19 positive family members on a bus back to the U.S. where she planned to meet them in El Paso, Texas. However, things didn’t go as planned.

“I was here two hours ahead of them, and then I got a phone call from my daughter saying that my husband was on the bus and he could not breathe,” Comager added.

He was diverted to another hospital, this time in Chihuahua, Mexico where he was intubated. Fortunately, as of August 14, he finally made it home to the United States where he’s currently on a ventilator, but stable.

Family Stuck in Mexico
Yolanda Comager / Facebook

As for Yolanda, she has since tested positive for COVID-19 — for the second time. Reportedly, the couple had not been vaccinated. There’s no word on whether they plan to do so.

The couple’s daughter in Baton Rouge has also since tested positive but the two other daughters in Mexico have finally tested negative and were able to fly back home. 

A GoFundMe was created to help cover the costs of medical treatment and has well exceeded its $15,000 goal. Many people online are upset that the couple decided to travel unvaccinated, as the Delta variant is wreaking havoc worldwide.  Some people are also upset about the decision to knowingly put others at risk by taking the bus.

“You are incredibly irresponsible, selfish, self-absorbed, and uncaring,” one Facebook user stated under the comment section on her recent status.

“She had Covid twice, and they were still unvaccinated. Who takes a vacation unvaccinated to another country while Covid is surging? Worse yet, who puts someone on a bus with Covid-19, exposing other innocent people? And then asks others to bail them out?? Shameful,” another Facebook user stated.

“No one should be traveling now, it’s not safe. Specifically, Americans should not be traveling to other countries during the Delta surge,” a Facebook user added. “Vacations and fun times can wait, health and protecting each other is more important.”

What are your thoughts?

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