United Airlines Pilots Up For Big Raises Amongst Worldwide Travel Disruptions
Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Tshepang Ralehoko Pilot Cause

Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Tshepang Ralehoko Pilot Cause

United Airlines Pilots Up For Big Raises Amongst Worldwide Travel Disruptions

Maggie J.
Maggie J. Jun 24, 2022

Pilots will be expecting some upcoming financial love amongst worldwide travel disruptions. United Airlines pilots will be receiving large raises over the next 18 months. The Air Line Pilots Association, the pilot’s union reached a preliminary agreement on Friday, June 24. Set to collect over $1.3 billion in raises, pilots will see an increase in pay over three pay raises. Amongst the current global travel disruptions, travelers may immediately see a rise in the cost of their airline seats this summer. The upside? More flight options and less in the way of canceled flights.

Since the Air Line Pilots Association is the largest pilot’s union, it will have a great deal of weight on future decisions on pay rates for pilots overall. With the new precedent set, other major airlines could soon follow suit. Pilots at all major airlines may soon see a big pay raise as well.

Pilots Suited Up For Big Raises Amongst Worldwide Travel Disruptions
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This change is also important because it is occurring during a time of global travel disruptions due to pilot shortages. These shortages have caused global flight interruptions and cancelations. The Union said that, on Friday United Airlines representatives okayed a tentative agreement that gives 14,000 pilots raises over the next 18 months.

Along with the big raises, pilots secured a new 8-week maternity leave, improved overtime, a new retirement plan, exceptional pay and higher job quality over time. Once the order’s ratified by the rank-and-file pilots, all of the changes will be official. Voting occurs between now and July 15.

Pilots never officially went on strike. However, they did picket at larger airports. Their issues included pilot fatigue, with long hours and pilot shortages. The new deal will increase pilot’s pay by over 14% in the next year and a half.

This deal shows the weight unions have during global travel disruptions. Travelers are rearing to go somewhere this summer. But, with a shortage of pilots, it’s keeping travelers from being able to arrive to their destination. Flights canceled by airlines are at a record high over the last several months because of a shortage of pilots. And, with fewer flight options overall, flights become crowded and overbooked.

United is to be the first airline to come to an agreement with its pilots. Discussions needed to be put on hold when travel became restricted due to the pandemic. Since resuming, other airlines have been paying close attention to the negotiations, signifying they too may soon follow the example of United.

Travelers can expect another hike in the cost of airline tickets. According to U.S. News, “JPMorgan airline analyst Jamie Baker said the deal probably exceeds United’s previous forecasts of rising costs.” Costs that travelers may see the effects of in their summer flight costs.

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