There is a rewards program for just about every type of traveler. Now, we can add the ‘non-driver’ to that list. Uber has established a rewards program for users to gain points towards Uber credits and elite status. Uber Rewards is free to join, but you will need to opt-in on the app to join automatically.


There are two parts to the program. First, you earn the rewards and then you gain elite status, which is broken down into categories. You can earn points for Uber rides as well as UberEats. You’ll get one point per eligible dollar spent on UberPool and UberEats, two points per eligible dollar spent on and UberX, Uber XL, Select or WAV ride and three points per eligible dollar spent on UberBlack, Black SUV and Lux. Each point is worth one cent in Uber credit and after you’ve earned 500 points, passengers get a $5 Uber Cash credit, which can be used toward a future Uber ride and UberEats orders. For every extra 500 points, you’ll receive another $5 credit.


Sounds simple enough? It gets better. Just like any other rewards program, users will have a certain period to gain elite status. For Uber, users will have six months, starting with the day you signed up. For each status you reach, you’ll stay there for the remaining earning period and the next six months after that. Plus there are perks given at each level. You’ll start with a blue status, which gives you zero points but gives you access to getting reward points to be used on Uber rides and UberEats orders.


When you get to 500 points, you’ve reached gold status. This is $250 towards an UberX ride and helps with the petty cancellation fees.  When a gold member cancels a ride after the fee-free period but books a new Uber within 15 minutes, members automatically have the fee refunded. Platinum status requires users to gain 2,500 points earned in a six-month period. This is a real money saver with the ability to lock-in prices on a certain route and get priority pick-up at “most” airports.


Once you’ve done all that and gained 7,500 points, members have reached diamond status where you get the most important incentives. In the diamond club, you get one-on-one phone support from Uber’s top customer support agents as well as surprise upgrades from UberX cars to UberBlack or UberSelect. If you’re picky about your drivers, diamond members can choose from the higher rated ones and say goodbye to the UberEats delivery fee on three orders every six months.


Starting out, the program will only be active in NYC, Miami, Denver, Tampa, DC, Philadelphia, Atlanta, San Diego, and New Jersey. Look for the program to be rolled out to the entire U.S. over the next few months.