Traveling A la Natural With Angela C. Styles: Natural Hair Tips From Eve's Emmy Award Winning Hairstylist
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Photo Credit: Getty Images

Traveling A la Natural With Angela C. Styles: Natural Hair Tips From Eve's Emmy Award Winning Hairstylist

Rachel George
Rachel George Jun 27, 2019

Having natural hair can be the most frustrating thing when it comes time to travel. You can’t pick a style; you don’t want braids or a sew in because you’ll miss touching your own hair but you still want it away from your face. You can’t bring all of your products because they’re not travel size. So many decisions to make and not enough time. Let’s admit it, wearing natural hair is a job itself, but it’s the last thing you want to think about when traveling.

Emmy award-winning hairstylist Angela C. Styles believes you should have endless options while on vacation—ponytail pieces, wigs, twists, braids—so that you’re not fully committed to one look and prepared for any event or unexpected rain.

“Don’t commit to one look. That’s what makes Black women so incredible is our ability to switch it up,” she said. “We have all the tools, and we know what to do.”

That’s also part of the reason she wrote her children’s book Hair, encouraging kids to appreciate their “magically alive” natural hair. “The more we instill the idea that what we have is beautiful the less we will emulate these Eurocentric ideas of beauty onto our next generation.” Illustrated by JQ Sirls, the book also addresses race, ethnicity and traction alopecia, common amongst black women.

Angela C. Styles| Photo Courtesy of Vibrant Communications

Currently, hairstylist Angela C. Styles works with rapper/actress The Talk co-host Eve in Los Angeles, a relationship they’ve built over the past few years. The Chicago-born hairstylist has made quite the name for herself since moving to LA in 2010.

Her skills are unmatched and knowledgeable, led to showcasing her skills on WETV’s reality television show LA Hair, appearances on the Wendy Show and more. Her clientele features the entertainment’s finest Tichina Arnold, Rihanna, Ciara, Mya, 5th Harmony, and actress Keke Palmer on the shows Just Keke, and Scream Queens and the film Brotherly Love.

She’s even responsible for Eve’s effortless, honey-toned loose wave at the 2018 Grammy’s, using extensions from her hairline, Conscious Curls, specializing in naturally textured hair.

Not only is she an experienced hair stylist, but Angela is also a consultant and spokesperson working with brands for Universal Beauty Products and Olive Oil ORS hair products. She partners with various brands such as Mielle Organic, Camille Rose Naturals, and Cantu Beauty, teaching training courses offering understanding how to achieve different hairstyles and the haircare behind it. Cantu Beauty natural hair product line was made to nourish, condition, repair and protects your natural tresses, skin, and scalp.

Recommended by Angela, Cantu Beauty’s travel-size products are sulfate-free and perfect for naturlistas of all textures while on vacation. I wish I had the Sweat Protectant Masque when I went swimming at the beach last month, it protects your hair against chlorine, sweat, and UV rays from the sun.

Here are 5 tips from Angela C. Styles on caring for your natural hair while traveling.

Consider protective styling

If you are swimming, get a wig and not a weave because of hair extensions and saltwater tangle really bad, and you won’t have that same style. So if you plan on swimming like a fish, I recommend braids or braiding your natural hair underneath the wig.

Always bring bobby pins

Always have bobby pins, hair pins because you can play with a lot of cute natural styles and pin the hair up in different ways. Especially if your curls aren’t doing what you want them to do or your fro may not be looking right. This way you can push it all to the side and pin it. Use the Cantu Curl Defining Cream or the Leave-In Conditioner and pull it up into a puff.


Read all ingredients

It’s important to read the ingredients on products to ensure you are not putting any harmful, toxic products on your hair. Take the time to find what products work for you and to know what’s in them. Stay away from products that have sulfate or other toxic chemicals, making sure you’re not using anything that would be detrimental to your hair in the long run.

Maintain Moisture

When traveling, moisture is going to be your best ingredient, but it depends on your texture. You can achieve moisture through water-based products or oil and cream based products. Coarse or color treated hair responds well to oil-based products. It’s also about layering. Some people hair needs a good combination of oil and water. They don’t mix in a bottle but they will work on hair.

Keep it Shiny

Sometimes the sun can dry out some moisture, making your hair look dull and dry. Live it up with gloss or shine. Cantu’s Super Shine Hair Silk is lightweight, helps prevent breakage and repairs split ends. It can also be used for a reconstructive treatment.

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