Travel Story: The Real Casablanca
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

Travel Story: The Real Casablanca

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Travel Noire
Travel Noire Jun 21, 2019

Written by: Dylan Wade

Recently, I just checked off two countries on my “World Wide Tour,” Spain, and Morroco. Spain was an amazingly beautiful place, the natives were very welcoming and friendly, but Casablanca, Morroco, won my heart this time.

Compared to Barcelona, there was much more to do in Morroco, due largely because of the strength of the U.S. dollar. In Spain, the Euro is a lot stronger than the U.S. dollar, but my dollar increased $10 in Dirham, the native currency in Morroco. That automatically set the tone for my stay in Casablanca, I mean, who doesn’t like extra money while traveling? I knew I was in for a good time.

Once I landed I was greeted with nice 74-degree weather and lots of sunshine. I didn’t have to worry about a place to stay because I made a new friend during the flight. His name was Omar and he was from Saudi Arabia. Once I was settled in, it was time to hit the streets. My first stop: food.

The Central Seafood Market in Casablanca was to die for, one of the best meals I’ve ever eaten. The food was fresh from the Atlantic Coast and cooked to perfection. I recommend making this a stop on your visit.

Photo Courtesy of Dylan Wade

Now that I had checked food off my list it was time to explore.

I stumbled upon the biggest Mosque in Africa, the Hassan II Mosque. This place was huge. When traveling, I make sure that I visit every countries house of holiness and this Mosque did not disappoint.

If you’re religious or just want to check out a nice sight, definitely make time to visit this landmark.

What do you do after a full day of exploring? You guessed it! It was time to hit the beach. The Casablanca beach, Plage Aïn Diab, was the perfect cherry on top of this trip. I was able to kick back and relax and watch the sunset right off the Atlantic coast.

Photo Courtesy of Dylan Wade

Many people have a misconception of how beautiful Africa is. After my trip, I’d like to be one of the myth busters that says, “Don’t knock it until you fly it.”

If you’d like to see the visuals from this trip, follow my Instagram at @blessed.worldwide, or my Youtube travel vlog Blessed Worldwide.

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