Best Things To Do In Seoul, South Korea
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Photo Credit: TN

Best Things To Do In Seoul, South Korea

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Travel Noire Jan 10, 2019

The megacity of Seoul has so much to offer you won’t be bored thinking of what to do when you visit, but we’re still going to share you a number of things you must do when you visit anyway.

Enjoy a quiet moment at the Jeoldusan Martyrs’ Shrine

This is a Catholic shrine on the Han River. It was built to honor Christian martyrs of the Byeongin persecutions of 1866. French missionaries were martyred at the place in 1866 prompting the French to launch attacks at South Korea. The Joseon government retaliated by murdering many French and native Catholics leading to the place being known as the beheading mountain. In 1962, a monument was erected in the location to honor those who lost their lives. Currently, the shrine houses a museum where you can learn about the place’s history.

Explore the Oil Tank Culture Park

This used to be a grade 1 security facility known as The Mapo Oil Depot.  For 41 years, public access and usage of this facility was prohibited. Howevewerein 2017 the facility was transformed into an environment-friendly culture space featuring festivals, performances, exhibitions and village markets. During times when nothing is going on, you could spend your time exploring the space’s hidden nooks or watching musicians practicing in the outdoor Greek amphitheatre.

People-watch at the Gyeongui Line Forest Park

This park is situated where the Gyeongui Railway Line once ran. The line was constructed 100 years ago. The line sunk into the ground and the place was transformed into a park. The park is now a popular place to relax and have a fresh breath due to the lush vegetation in it. Here you can enjoy the urban culture and the greenery at the same damn time. It is a good place to mix with the locals and learn about some Seoul history.

Sometimes pianos are set outside for those who wish to play them.

Stroll through the Bukchon Hanok Village

Bukchon is a beautiful historic village in Seoul. Hanok are traditional Korean houses. Like all existing ancient towns, this beautiful village has narrow streets where you can walk and see the beautiful Hanoks that Seoul has to offer. Memorable pit stop: the outdoor museum and bittersweet omija in one of the tea houses. When in Seoul, don’t miss an opportunity to stroll through this village.

Treat yourself to a gift at the Blue House

The Blue House is the official residence and executive office of the president of the Republic of Korea. It is a complex of structures constructed in traditional Korean style. If you book in advance, you could sneak a peek into Korea’s head of state residence. Tours are led in Korean, but tourists have an option of an audio guide. At the end of the Blue House tour, you may get a free gift.

Spend a whole day at the National Museum of Korea

You shouldn’t also miss an opportunity to visit Korea’s largest museum and spend a whole day at it. The large museum contains over 15,000 artifacts, and you’ll need a whole day if you wish to see a good amount of them.

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