Tabitha , Travel Noire Fellow

This fellowship opened my eyes to a whole new world of unconventional travel that I never knew existed.

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About Travel Noire

Travel Noire is a digital publishing platform dedicated to helping unconventional travelers discover their journey.

From dreaming of a new destination and planning how to get there, to maximizing experiences while on the road, we create tools and resources to help individuals travel better, farther and cheaper.

Our Values


We believe that traveling foresters bliss and its necessary that we create products and resources in alignment with that.


We are devoted to creating timeless resources.


The wheel has already been invented. We utilize what works and reimagine what does not.


We do what we love and we have


Our network is essential to making our vision a reality.


We are clear that when we move with purpose, everything around us shifts.


We are a company that is consistently inspired by the community we serve.

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About the Fellowship

The Travel Noire Fellowship is a unique part-time unpaid program designed for aspiring and seasonal travelers alike.

Fellows get a behind-the-scenes look into a rapidly growing travel brand and one-on-one access to the Travel Noire CEO for personalized travel hacking calls. This fellowship is location independent (you can live anywhere). This fellowship will show you how to build a rapidly growing brand, hack your way around the world and turn your travel dreams into an incredible reality.

A Travel Noire Fellow is a hustler and self-starter with a thirst for creation and a passion for exploration. Fellows are team players who commit 4-6 months & don’t mind getting their hands dirty. The ideal fellow will have excellent communication skills, experience with working with a remote team and a freelance background.


Have dreams of spending the summer in Malta, ziplining through the jungles of Costa Rica or shopping the souks of Marrakech? Each week, you will have a dedicated call with the CEO of Travel Noire to flush out strategies & hone in on tips and tricks designed to have you traveling farther than you’ve ever imagined!


  • In just six months, I earned over 120,000 airline miles to use towards my dream trip to Italy! I learned how to snag super cheap flights anywhere in the world, get paid while traveling, maximize my vacation days and holidays and get free hotel stays. This fellowship opened my eyes to a whole new world of unconventional travel that I never knew existed.
  • The hands on approach to communication was great. It really gave the company an amazing personal touch. I enjoyed editing footage of places I've never been and the overall collaborative effort and flexibility with each project was dope.
  • When I first heard about the fellowship, I was worried about the time commitment. But now that I’ve gone through the flexible program, my entire approach to travel is different. I look for deals and ways to accumulate points to maximize saving. I highly recommend this fellowship!
  • Because of this fellowship, I’ve accumulated 130,000 miles in a few short months. I’ve taken extended weekend trips and have three international trips in the works. I loved the weekly travel hacking sessions and would recommend this fellowship to anyone interested in being a part of a large family of unconventional travelers.
  • To be surrounded by people who share the same passions and interests as you is a splendid adventure! This fellowship has allowed me to work with incredible people, amass a travel hacking knowledge out of this world, AND add a few dozen new places to my travel bucket list - it is the opportunity of a lifetime!

Curator Engagement Fellow, Fall 2014


Video Fellow, Fall 2014


Design Fellow, Spring 2014


Curator Engagement Fellow, Fall 2013


Marketing Fellow, Fall 2014


Usher in an epic brand realignment with the design team & create compelling & well documented assets.

Front End Developers

Creation is the name of the game. You’ll be designing our visual assets and supporting the Front End team in realigning the brand.


Show off your creative writing chops by designing content for Travel Noire & editing posts for


Code with your eyes closed. Design database structure to store information along with all other javascript fanciness for some of our blackops projects.

Back End Developers

Create online events, programs and processes to keep our 100+ community of curators engaged and inspired.

Curator engagement

Polish your marketing prowess by helping us build our social media presence across multiple channels.

Social media

Chop it up! You’ll be creating and editing our inspiring video content.

Video fellows


Don’t send us your cover letter. Or your padded resume. And please, no phone calls from mom. Instead, on January 1, 2015, click the button below to fill out the magical application that will appear. Once complete, sit back and relax. We’ll email you if you seem like a great fit. Applications will close at 11:59pm on January 5, 2015.

A successful applicant will have the charisma of Ava Duvernay, the grace of Lupita Nyong’o and the story-telling prowess of Spike Lee.

NOTE: this is an unpaid, part-time, virtual fellowship.


No spam promise - only latest news and prices!

What we look for

The ideal fellow will have excellent communication skills, experience working with a remote team and a freelance background. Our fellowship application will be similar to below: