Popular Black Purse Designer, Telfar Will Create Liberia's Summer Olympic Uniforms
Photo Credit: Getty images

Photo Credit: Getty images

Popular Black Purse Designer, Telfar Will Create Liberia's Summer Olympic Uniforms

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DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor Jun 22, 2021

We love to see it! As you may know, the world is gearing up for the Summer Olympics in Tokyo in July, after being postponed in 2020 due to the global pandemic. While the sporting competitions are the main highlight, others are excited to see what each country’s team will be wearing, especially during the opening ceremony. That’s where popular Liberian-American purse designer Telfar comes in.

Telfar, full name Telfar Clemens, has solidified himself as one of the best handbag designers in the world, and he’s now the proud sponsor of the Liberian national team. Did we mention, he’s a Black man?

“Watch the OPENING CEREMONY [July 23] of the 2021 OLYMPICS to see the FUTURE,” an Instagram post read. “Our Runway. Run way. THANK YOU @matadi and Kouty Mawenh — WE ALL- WE READY – WE WON – WE ALL READY WON. 🥇🥇 #REPATRIATION.”

The uniforms will officially debut during the opening ceremony and soon after the brand will release a limited edition collection of athletic wear inspired by the designs.

While athletic wear isn’t Telfar’s norm, it is something the Black designer has been wanting to get into for a while. And what better time than now?

“They might have been surprised by some of it,” Clemens said in an interview. “But I haven’t heard a no. Just excitement.”

The uniforms feature a blue and white colorway, with a star across the side of the chest and the Olympic logo on the sleeves. The unisex design has a one-shouldered tank and track pants/shorts, as the New York Times reports. 

All eyes will definitely be on Tokyo this year, not just for these uniforms but also for breakout USA track star Sha’Carri Richardson, as well as returns from swimmer Simone Manuel and gymnastics GOAT, Simone Biles. We can’t wait for all this melanin next month!

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