Travel Blogger Says He Was Bullied By Malaysia Airlines Crew After Posting Negative Review Mid-Flight
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Travel Blogger Says He Was Bullied By Malaysia Airlines Crew After Posting Negative Review Mid-Flight

Sharelle Burt
Sharelle Burt Nov 30, 2018

We need WiFi in our lives. It saves us from using our own data and incurring extra charges, but be careful: WiFi can also get you into trouble that you may not have seen coming.

Travel blogger and YouTuber Josh Cahill decided to take advantage of the WiFi on his Malaysia Airlines flight in September to talk about his experience. He began on his Instagram, talking about how excited he was to fly with the airline. “There are only a handful of airlines that make you feel loved… @malaysiaairlines is one of them!” Cahill quoted. “It always puts a big smile on my face when flying the Malaysian Flag carrier. Tomorrow I finally get to experience their new Flagship, the Airbus A350 to London.” Sounding positive about his upcoming trip, the influencer didn’t think things would go left.

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With over 24,000 followers on Instagram and 59,000 subscribers on YouTube, Cahill reached out to the airline’s social media coordinator to get permission to record. When he boarded his flight, he was met with a few minor mishaps, like his in-flight entertainment device freezing. Completely out of his control, he reached out to the flight crew and received minimal response on his 14-hour flight. Next, Cahill called the complimentary breakfast “dreadful” and was served on a “sticky and filthy tray.”

He had enough. Logging into the flight WiFi, the award-winning blogger wanted the world to know about his horrible experience. After creating a post on Instagram, he noticed the service got worse. The flight crew caught wind of his social media rant and decided to take action. After he was confronted by a crew member, the blogger was overlooked when passengers were given beverages and he was told he would only be given his next meal if he stopped recording. Talk about petty. Eventually, he got his meal but he never stopped filming.

In typical airline behavior, Cahill was met by a representative to apologize for their performance when the flight landed. It wasn’t enough. Cahill still put out a 20-minute video recalling his Malaysia Airlines experience. “Sorry @malaysiaairlines but this was/is a really poor performance,” Cahill posted. Stay tuned for the full review soon on my Youtube. However, Malaysia will always be my favorite country.”

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