Survivor: Managing a Group Getaway
Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Shameeka Claire - Up in the Air Life

Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Shameeka Claire - Up in the Air Life

Survivor: Managing a Group Getaway

Danielle Pointdujour
Danielle Pointdujour Apr 2, 2014

When most people think of group trips they think of a disaster waiting to happen. Most people I know wouldn’t dare go on a vacation with more than three other people, if that.  As someone who regularly travels with a large (15+) group of women I definitely feel your pain.  It can be a hassle trying to deal with all of the different moods, needs, wants and personalities.  One bad experience with a group trip can scar you for life! It’s definitely a challenge, but trust me, it’s not impossible.  Before you turn your next group trip into a solo one, consider these three tips and turn your next getaway from scary to spectacular.

Be Selective

I know it seems cruel to even think about traveling without one of your close friends, but not every friend is a travel friend. Your girl Tasha or boy Mike might be cool for brunches and the occasional trip to a lounge, but on a week long vacation they might be your worst nightmare. Make sure you pick friends with easy going laid back personalities that will not only mesh with yours during the course of the trip, but with your other guests as well. If you know Tasha is boughetto and Mia has strong opinions about everything, it may not be wise to have them both on the same trip. Choose wisely and your sanity will thank you later.

Planning is Key

When I mentioned earlier that I travel with 15+ women regularly I could feel the “Oh no that is too much estrogen for me,” in the air. However, one of the things that make the trips work is that we plan ahead. Our designated trip planner makes sure that not only are tours arranged and/or paid for before we leave, but she sends out a very detailed itinerary of each day that includes all activities and anticipated costs. And we love her dearly for it! Nothing takes an amazing trip downhill faster than people arguing about where to go, what to do and how much things cost. Be sure to let people know in advance what the plans and anticipated costs are this way they can set their budgets accordingly and when they arrive to the destination they know exactly what to expect.

Split Up

Yes it’s supposed to be a group trip, but being around each other 24/7 would wear on anyone’s nerves. Enjoy the major attractions and sights as a group, but when you get a little down time break off into smaller groups and explore your vacation destination with your roommate or your bestie in the group. It will give you a much needed breather and the stories you all will have when you meet up again later could make for some great laughs.

If you follow these tips everyone is sure to have a great time and no one has to end up missing.  Happy travels!


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