Ghanian Singer Stonebwoy Talks The Importance Of Sharing His Roots With The World And Giving Back To Ghana
Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Stonebwoy

Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Stonebwoy

Ghanian Singer Stonebwoy Talks The Importance Of Sharing His Roots With The World And Giving Back To Ghana

DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor May 19, 2020

Afrobeats artist Stonebwoy recently released a new project, ‘Anloga Junction,’ which is an artistic work that pays homage to his parent’s hometown in Ghana. His current single ‘Nominate,’ with American singer Keri Hilson, is taking the international charts by storm.

Travel Noire had the chance to speak with Stonebwoy to learn more about his upbringing in Ashaiman (a neighborhood just outside of Accra), why it’s important for him to share his roots with the world, and his philanthropic work that gives back to artists in Ghana.

Travel Noire: Tell us about life growing up in Ghana.

Stonebwoy: I grew up just outside of Accra in Ashaiman. I was raised in a very Christian home and I was exposed to the arts and music from an early age. All around me there was reggae, dancehall, and afrobeats which made me realize I had musical talent. I was always singing, whether it was in church or my music group that I started in primary 5.

Photo courtesy of Stonebwoy

Travel Noire: Now that you are an international musical artist, why is it important for you to stay connected to your birthplace and in turn share that with the world?

Stonebwoy: It is important to me because, without my roots, I’m nothing. I will always incorporate a piece of me in my music. My latest project, ‘Anloga Junction,’ is named after the place my family is from. Many people mistake it for Angola, which is also in Africa. By naming it this, it is also an opportunity for me to open up the conversation about my birthplace and West African culture in general.

Through my lyrics and song titles, I’m showing the world who we are and what we are as African people.

Tell us about your philanthropic work and how you’re giving back to your hometown.

Stonebwoy: For the last 7 years I have put on and hosted the biggest outdoor talent event in Ghana, and one of the biggest in West Africa. The event allows artists and musicians from the Ashaiman area to showcase their talent to a larger audience.

My neighborhood doesn’t have the best reputation and I want to bring a positive light to it. The show also helps the artist to develop a deeper sense of pride for where they come from.

Photo courtesy of Stonebwoy

In 2017, I started The Livingstone Foundation after losing my twin brother in a car accident at age 13 and then living with a knee disability for many years. My foundation works to give people equal access to education, it gives accident survivors healthcare, all while providing community advocacy and youth empowerment. During the pandemic, we’ve been providing free hand sanitizer to locals and raising money for frontline workers

I’m so grateful for my fan base around the world, because they have also been stepping up to gather and donate items in their own communities.

Travel Noire: Why do you think it’s important, especially now, for the world to learn about West African and Ghanian culture?

Stonebwoy: Over the last few years, especially last year during the ‘Year of Return,’ more travelers have visited Ghana. There is a need to continue learning about and teaching the world about our roots.

We need to constantly promote our “Africaness” in the things we do. The world has a lot to learn from us.

Stonebwoy ft. Keri Hilson – “Nominate”

Travel Noire: What’s next for you?

Stonebwoy: Once things are safe again, I plan to tour globally. I am currently promoting my new project which features my latest single with Keri Hilson. The video, that was shot in New Jersey, is also out now. The song is currently number nineteen on Billboard world charts.

Travel Noire: Where can we find you online?

Stonebwoy: You can find me on Instagram at: @stonebwoyb.

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