Must-Visit Attractions In Hong Kong
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

Must-Visit Attractions In Hong Kong

Hong Kong , China
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Travel Noire Jan 25, 2019

There are enough activities to do, things to eat, and places to go in Hong Kong that you can easily lose sight of how beautiful many spots in the city truly are. While you’re traveling amidst the hustle and bustle of the city, don’t forget to stop and admire some wondrous sights. We’ve compiled some unmissable landmarks that should definitely be on your itinerary.

Get a glimpse of the gorgeous landscape

While in the city, it’s easy to forget how beautiful the surrounding landscape is. You can enjoy a lovely activity and view by taking the Ngong Ping Cable Car, which offers you a breathtaking view of the green peak of Lantau and the South China Sea. Once the trip ends, you will be near to the Tian Tan Buddha. At 110 feet tall, it’s one of the largest statues in the world. Nature and culture, both in epic grandeur, on one simple, fun trip.

Visit the temples

Important culturally, the temples are also exhibited in significant beauty. There are many, and you will typically find them colorful, noisy, and full of chaos as locals flow in and out, burning incense. Don’t let the crowds dissuade you. Inside are amazing traditional designs. To begin with, we recommend the Man Mo Temple. This is a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in another culture while also getting an eyeful of beauty, all of it just a daily part of life for many in Hong Kong.

Looking for the neon beauty of nightlife? Try Nathan Road

If you’re the type that finds beauty in the rainbow of Hong Kong’s iconic neon glow, it’s on showcase nowhere better than on Nathan Road. Here, neon flows off of itself, hanging from every available bit of architectural real estate. Likely the most photographed spot in Hong Kong, by amateurs and professionals alike, it not only affords you a dose of urban beauty but it will also provide you with many things to do. Enjoy the retail shops and nightlife, but also take in the pretty parks with their overflowing fauna stretching into the road.

Need a break from the city life? Check out Cheung Po Tsai Pirate Cave

Both something to do and a place full of gorgeous one-of-a-kind sights, the Cheung Po Tsai Pirate Cave is a truly unusual place. Easily overlooked, it will provide you with many memorable things to see. A Chinese pirate from the early 1800s is said to have used the cave as his hideout and hid his treasure buried somewhere inside. No one has ever found it, however.

Full of all the gorgeous locales you’d expect of a cave, it’s a refreshing and relaxing way to get away from the city for a little while, and still, take in some history and fun that you won’t find anywhere else. It’s definitely a place more tourists should check out when looking for something different for their trip. As a bonus, you’ll take a ferry to get there.


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