Residents Celebrate As Hawaii Sees Snow After Winter Storm
Photo Credit: Twitter

Photo Credit: Twitter

Residents Celebrate As Hawaii Sees Snow After Winter Storm

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Sharelle Burt
Sharelle Burt Feb 12, 2019

If the talk of global warming and the world coming to an end hasn’t gotten your attention yet, check this out.

Snow has fallen in Hawaii and residents are freaking out. A storm over the weekend left parts of Polipoli Spring State Recreation Area in Maui covered in a wintery blanket of snow. This is the first time any state park in the entire state has laid eyes on anything like this. “Polipoli State Park, at 6,200 feet they reported snow. That is pretty rare for Maui obviously,” National Weather Service Meteorologist Melissa Dye said. “I had talked to a ranger this morning, and he said they had 4-foot drifts. Very impactful.”

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Kona Low is what caused the snow to hit the tropical island. Science tells us that Kona Low is a block of cold and low-pressure air that got separated from the cold jet stream. Witnesses to the state park’s first snowfall were shocked at first, but then curiosity took hold of them. Lance Endo had a friend camping in the park that sent him a text explaining what he saw. Endo couldn’t believe it, so he did what any other normal person would have done. He hopped in his car and drove over an hour just to see the snow. “I just wanted to go play in the snow,” Endo said.


Endo went back to grab his children so they can experience “something that’s very unusual in Hawaii.”

Of course, Hawaii experiences storms but not like this. Typically, storms hit Hawaii from the west or south and bring strong winds, flooding, and high surf with them. Since the weekend system came from up north and was super cold and extremely strong, parts of Maui saw snow this time.

Who knows which island could be next.

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