New Floating Hotel In Sweden Offers An Escape From It All
Photo Credit: Larry Williams | Getty Images

Photo Credit: Larry Williams | Getty Images

New Floating Hotel In Sweden Offers An Escape From It All

Leah Freeman-Haskin
Leah Freeman-Haskin Feb 14, 2020

Sometimes you need a getaway to drown out the constant noise bombarding us on a daily basis. From hectic work schedules to endless content vying for your attention on social media, more than ever there is a need for some peace and quiet.

Hotel Arctic Bath, located on Lule River in Swedish Lapland, and sometimes referred to as Northern Europes last remaining wilderness, is surrounded by nothing more than woodland, icy waters, and healing sunshine. The hotel consists of a floating, bird nest-looking structure connecting to the shore by floating walkways. The modern designed cabins free-float in the summers and sit on the frozen river in the winters. 

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“Even though you will lay your head indoors at night, we have incorporated the surrounding nature into our cabins and suites. Natural, sustainable materials with a rich history such as wood, stone, leather and luxurious textiles harmonize together with Scandinavian design. It is your perfect hide-away under the northern skies,” says the website.

The hotel also offers a spa with a variety of treatments, a restaurant offering locally sourced ingredients, and curated activities like husky sled rides and cross country skiing. True to its name, there is also an outdoor arctic bath to be enjoyed while experiencing the magic of the northern lights or the midnight sun.

“With the late sunrises and early sunsets during the winter months contrasting with the summer midnight sun, Swedish Lapland is truly one of a kind,” says the website.  

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Escaping it all to a floating oasis doesn’t come cheaply. Land cabins at Hotel Arctic Bath start at $1,100 per night and water cabins will run you about $994 per night.

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