Moving Abroad: How To Land A Job Teaching In Asia
Photo Credit: Photo by Kyle Glenn

Photo Credit: Photo by Kyle Glenn

Moving Abroad: How To Land A Job Teaching In Asia

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DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor Sep 4, 2018

Moving abroad seems to be on a lot of people’s wish list. And teaching is the perfect way to make a little money while living outside the U.S.


Many people who move to Asia work as English teachers online or in schools. The pay for teaching in person ranges from $1500 to $4000 per month, depending on the location and your qualifications. Online companies pay by the hour and it ranges from $13-$25 per hour. The American dollar goes much farther in Asia, so that hourly rate is a nice amount of money to live off of and still have some to save.


Benefits packages for teachers in Asia typically includes medical insurance, free housing (or a stipend), paid holidays and vacation time, and free meals during the work day.


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If teaching English in Asia is something you may be interested in, here’s what you need to know first:


Make sure you are eligible

The basic qualifications for teaching jobs in Asia are to be a Native English Speaker (Typically from the U.S., Canada, or South Africa), have a 4-year degree in any major, pass a criminal record check, and to meet the age requirement. (Up to 60 years old)


Be TEFL, TESOL, or CELTA Certified

Schools prefer to hire those that hold these certifications as they are proof that you “know how to teach people English who are not Native speakers.” It is very easy to obtain a certification and very inexpensive. You can find online courses offered via Groupon at discounted rates. You want to aim for a 120-150 hour course to ensure your certification will be accepted by your school. Some programs or schools will actually pay for you to take a course through them once you arrive in your new country. If you are a fully licensed teacher from anywhere in the U.S. you will have  more options on countries to go to and for positions that pay more.


Find a Reputable Recruiter

This is actually key to ensuring that your transition abroad goes smooth. Recruiters will match you with schools, set-up interviews, and typically help with processing all of your documents to get your working visa in your new country. You can find recommendations for reputable recruiters by joining Expat groups via Facebook and simply asking.


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If teaching in person is not appealing, there is the option to do the exact same thing via online platforms. The steps are pretty much the same except you won’t be teaching in a school. You usually teach individual students during their after school hours via a face-to-face video platform. You can  find recommendations for reputable companies via expat groups or by using Google to read reviews from employees.

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