If you’ve ever had Mofongo, you likely tried it at a Puerto Rican restaurant, or a restaurant that specializes in Hispanic food. However, did you know that Mofongo originated in Africa?

Mofongo is a dish made up of mashed green plantain with garlic, that is rolled into a ball and served with different meats and a creamy garlic broth.

If you love the dish like we do, this is our ode to Mofongo, and the best restaurants in the U.S. to fulfill your craving.

Sofrito – New York City


Sofrito, which is named after a seasoning used in every authentic Puerto Rican dish, is home to delicious modern mofongo recipes. The eatery combines the traditional cooking method of with its own modern pairings. Pro Tip: Seafood lovers, try the lobster mofongo

El Rinconcito De Santa Barbara – Miami


Miami is known for its Cuban influence, and El Rinconcito De Santa Barbara is a fusion of authentic Puerto Rican and Cuban food. Although the menu is filled with tasty dishes from both cultures, the mofongo is a crowd favorite. Pro Tip: Try the churrasco stuffed mofongo 

La Casa Del Mofongo – New York City


La Casa Del Mofongo, which translates to The House of Mofongo, specializes in over 51 types of Mofongo dishes. Do we need to say anything else? Pro Tip: Try the mofongo con cevíche de Ccmarones, and thank us later.

Mixto – Philadelphia


Mixto is a mix of Cuban, Latin American, and Caribbean recipes. The Latin American culture can be felt as soon as you taste their Mofongo. Pro Tip: Start off with the mofongo de cerdo as your appetizer.

Raices – San Juan


Welcome to Racies, in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This Puerto Rican staple is known strictly for the Mofongo. It is said to be the best on the island, and we might agree! Pro Tip: Try skirt steak mofongo in chimichurri sauce.

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