Negative images of Black people in the media is what inspired the brand Melanin In America.

From pillows, passport covers, laptop cases, and more, Melanin In America founder Donna Hobley created the brand with the idea of celebrating the beauty of being Black people in America.

During an interview with Travel Noire, Hobley discussed what inspired her brand:

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Travel Noire: Was there a particular incident in media that inspired Melanin In America?

Hobley: When I started the brand in 2017, I just felt there were a lot of killings on the news of black people at the time. There was a lot of processing for me. Just constantly seeing that and not seeing the good and positive representation of Black people. There’s a lot of trauma behind it. So my thought at the time was, I will create something that is positive and more representation so that it’s not just Black people that see, but other people who can see it in a positive light.

Photo courtesy of Melanin In America

TN: Were there any particular individuals that inspired the images of your brand?

Hobley: I went to the University of Colorado. Obviously, I didn’t go to an HBCU or anything like that so the population on campus was mixed. But then we started getting more black people on campus and I started going to more groups where you find more black people and getting in touch with my culture.

I just wanted my brand to celebrate that positivity I saw on campus.

TN: What do you hope people will take away from purchasing Melanin in America?

Hobley: We are a light of positivity. We are an attempt at healing, change, and joy. We tend to see black people in a stereotypical light. I hope this is something that breaks the ice and opens a conversation for people to feel okay to talk about it.

I’ve had a couple of customers who were not black, who felt comfortable to come up to me and engage with me knowing that they have black friends and that they want to support.

This brand is all about making a statement that it’s okay to be black in America.

Photo courtesy of Melanin In America

Find out more about Melanin In America on Instagram or by visiting the website.