The Maldives' Soneva Fushi's Signature Activities Should Be On Your Bucket-List
Photo Credit: Malik Peay

Photo Credit: Malik Peay

The Maldives' Soneva Fushi's Signature Activities Should Be On Your Bucket-List

Malik Peay
Malik Peay Jul 16, 2021

Across the Pacific Ocean resides the Maldives, a chain of over 1,200 islands that have become an international travel wishlist for dream vacationers. Located near the center of the Indian Ocean, Malé sits tall with its remarkable assortment of multi-colored skyscrapers. The capital of the Republic of the Maldives appears to be a mirage when initially flying into the Velana International Airport, knowing that this floating city stretching across the Sinamalé Bridge houses over 200,000 Maldivians.

Photo Courtesy Of Soneva Fushi

Soneva Fushi is roughly a 35-minute seaplane ride from the capital, located on a private island founded by Sonu Shivdasani. The Soneva Fushi experience is an otherworldly getaway where families and adult friend groups can expect the dream bucket-list vacation of a lifetime.

Staying in their multi-bedroom luxury villas allows for visitors to intimately view the small island with a wide perspective while they are completely submerged in the tropical greenery surrounding each residence. Waking up every morning in the harmoniously designed villas that open up to their own private beaches feel as if you are staying on a remote oasis. The higher-tier villas have water slides, wraparound infinity pools, saunas, steam-rooms, mini-gyms, screen projectors, and personal outdoor bath tubs.

If you can’t stop fantasizing over the meticulously crafted wooden mansions, then you should experience the signature activities Soneva Fushi offers for its lucky guests.

Biking along the 40 acre island of Kunfunadhoo Island is the primary mode of transportation, unless you have your local “Barefoot Butler” come pick you up prior to a scheduled water activity. Snorkeling with manta rays, kayaking on glass canoes, sharing world-class cocktails on a sandbank, and going on an enchanting sunset dolphin cruise are various activities that are easily available for residents.

Photo Courtesy Of Soneva Fushi

Snorkeling with giant manta rays is an unforgettable adventure because you are transported by boat 30 minutes away from Soneva Fushi to snorkel with the resort’s resident marine biologist. With her unyielding charisma, she makes swimming above these alien sea creatures less fearful because she educated us before on how they feed on plankton below us or do underwater barrels if we are fortunate enough. This 45 minute-long activity is accompanied by rich homemade cookies and watermelon-squeezed fruit-juice, all made on the resort by Soneva Fushi’s exceedingly hospitable staff. Once you return to the island, you can have all the other activities a part of your vacation trip’s itinerary, so you can make the most out of your Maldives excursion.

The glass kayak pursuit isn’t for the faint-hearted because you are visibly able to see through the heavy-duty base of the boat that hovers over the nearby coral reef filled with hundreds of seawater species. This scheduled before a sunset dolphin cruise is a perfect day to spend on Soneva Fushi because you will be able to catch different majestic creatures of the Indian Ocean on the same day, admiring what the saltwater ecosystem shelters. In the nighttime, you can even catch a full-moon under the resort’s towering jungle observatory that allows you to see stars lightyears away.

There are 3 diverse restaurants that have rotating Michelin Star chefs preparing international cuisine on a recurring basis. Fresh in the Garden is scaled above the rainforest treetops where they serve slow-cooked Mediterranean delectable meals that are mostly plant-based, deriving from Soneva Fushi’s growing and thriving agricultural herbs and produce.

Out of the Blue sits above an extensive dock under the moonlight sky where lanterns can be seen radiating from the shore. The oceanside restaurant offers striking seafood aromatic dishes and finely-cut Japanese sashimi and sushi that will undoubtedly tantalize your memory after you finish the meal.

Organically farmed and raised crops surround the Shades of Green restaurant, where diners can be surrounded by luscious foliage supported by a plant-based menu. All the grandiose eateries carry their own wide-ranging cocktail and alcoholic beverage menus that are curated by internationally-trained bartenders.

Photo Courtesy of Soneva Fushi

The high-ranking overwater villas and onsite glass studio gives visitors the whimsical and fantastical island excursion they were waiting to finally go on when Maldives borders first opened up in July 2020. Don’t forget to mention the complimentary late-night dessert and charcuterie rooms for guests to visit at their leisure or when their stomach needs a fine snack.

The mesmerizing structures derived from imported and local natural materials transports you to another world that slows down the pace of a work-driven society. This tranquil mushroom-shaped scenery will restore you with how the architecture intertwines with the varying species of tropic forestry.

Photo Courtesy Of Soneva Fushi

The purifying ethos that is permeated through the culture at Soneva Fushi relates to the merging between the founder Sonu’s name with his wife, Eva. “Soneva” Fushi is a fantasy travel destination that was crafted with love and has 3 other locations in the Maldives and Thailand. The inviting atmosphere makes for departing from the Maldives resort one of the hardest truths to accept because the Soneva lifestyle is a well-balanced holistic environment that inspires world travelers like myself.

Instead of yearning to be back at the Soneva Fushi resort, one can simply adopt the welcoming values that make the retreat as healing as it is for international travelers by enforcing more community-building efforts that thrive off of world compassion and humanity.

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