Here's How To Enjoy Santorini While Avoiding The Crowds
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

Here's How To Enjoy Santorini While Avoiding The Crowds

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Aug 27, 2019

Whitewashed houses, beautiful cliffs, and the majestic sea in the background: that’s the charm of Santorini and its beauty is unmatched. 

Between engagements, weddings, shoots for parents-to-be, and everything in between, the chances that you already have an image of Santorini before even visiting has increased thanks to social media.

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Santorini isn’t exclusive to the impact of over-tourism. It’s one of many picturesque destinations that has increased in popularity as a result of social networking. As a result, it has become hard for visitors to enjoy.

If you are one of those travelers that turn away from certain places due to overcrowding, don’t cross Santorini off your list just yet.

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Marcel Theroux,  a writer for Travel + Leisure, journeyed through the iconic Greek Island in search of authentic and unspoiled beauty that picture-worthy and not (yet) discovered by tourists. The answer, according to Theroux, is island hopping in the Cyclades that combines the beauty of Santorini with the villages of Milos and Folegandros.


If you are making plans to make Santorini a starting point, Theroux recommends spending the day with Santorini Walking ToursThis will allow you to see the islands’ hidden gems, including wineries, archaeological sites, and villages with a local who can help you navigate through tourists.


In Milos, Theroux recommends the boutique hotel Milos Breeze because it offers a mineral-rich swimming pool and stunning views.

If that’s not available, try Milos Cove, a newer resort with minimalist vibes that sits on a cliff above the shore.

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A stay at Anemomilos means that you will have access to the beautiful cliffs outside the little town of Chora, according to Theroux.

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