How Increasing Gas Prices Will Impact Your Air Travels This Summer
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Photo Credit: Getty Images

How Increasing Gas Prices Will Impact Your Air Travels This Summer

Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Mar 9, 2022

There is nothing more real on this here internet than the memes circulating on social media about how gas prices are costing an arm, leg, and honestly, our soul at this point.

The average gas price has increased by 10 percent within the last few weeks and the conflict in Ukraine has pushed prices even higher.

We’re beyond hurt at this point.

But to add insult to injury, the rise in gas prices has a direct impact on flight prices. This means the answer is, yes. Rising fuel costs can potentially mean expensive vacations.

“Historically, high gas prices have not deterred people from traveling. However, AAA expects the current record-breaking prices will have a ripple effect on some aspects of travel, as well as goods and services,” an AAA spokesperson told Travel Noire.

One way consumers may feel the effect? Airline tickets.

“Airline prices may be impacted if the airlines did not buy futures to cover for uncertainty and need to increase fuel surcharges as crude oil prices go up,” the spokesperson added. “Also, jet fuel has to be micro-processed (refined) to a greater degree than the fuel used for cars, and it is costly to do so.”

But the potential increase in costs doesn’t stop with plane tickets, but rental cars as well. There is still a car shortage attributed to chip shortages and auto manufacturer delays. This means gas prices add to the overall trip costs for consumers.

“Travelers can expect higher rates for transfer providers such as Uber and Lyft as the drivers need to cover their increased gas and insurance costs,” AAA said.

Mitigating Increasing Gas Prices

The good news is that while things are not looking so good right now on the fuel side of things, there are ways to mitigate rising travel costs – just in time for summer. You can still secure a travel deal. One option is booking tours and cruises, according to AAA, and booking them ahead of time.

“Keep in mind, ‘paying in full’ locks in the pricing for most services other than government taxes and fees.”

We’ve been discussing the benefits of travel insurance for some time now, and now is a good time to put those plans in motion. Having travel insurance protects you in the unlikely event something happens.

“Plan ahead as much as possible, be flexible, and book early.”

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