Google Flights Can Now Help You Get Cheaper Airfare And Predict Delays
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

Google Flights Can Now Help You Get Cheaper Airfare And Predict Delays

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Travel Noire
Travel Noire Feb 12, 2018

Several new updates to Google Flights just took the airfare search engine from good to great.

This month, Google recently announced that Google Flights now has the capability to predict potential flight delays before the airlines can based on a system that compiles years of what they call “historic flight status data.” Google wasn’t specific on just how they can make the predictions, but they said they will only share the insight with users when the system is  80% confident in the prediction based on factors like weather or planes arriving late.


Though such new technology could save travelers lots of time and headache at the airport, Google still recommends arriving at the airport in time to catch flights unless you hear otherwise from your airline.

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In addition to rolling out the flight delay prediction capability, Google Flights will also allow users to search for “Basic Economy” flights for major airlines like American, Delta and United, and the results will share which amenities come with the cheaper tickets.


Learn more about the latest Google Flight features here.

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