Aviation company Transcend Air plans to cut traveling time from New York to Boston in half with their new aircraft model.


The company plans to launch a new aircraft model that carries passengers between big cities in less than 40 minutes at a comparable cost for shorter flights.


The model features six seats and a titled wing design that would allow the plane to fly three times faster than traditional aircraft, ranging 450 miles.


Seats have been upgraded from inches to 23 inches, compared to standard seat sizes at 17.8 inches. However, a bill was proposed recently that could adjust the minimum size for airline seats. Seats could reach up to 29 inches.

This new aircraft would cut out congestion, long lines at airports, check-ins and other amenities. It will, however, save passengers lots of traveling time.


According to Transcend Air’s CEO, Greg Bruell the concept comes from a model demonstrated during the 1960’s updated with the latest technology. “It solves multiple problems at once: we’ll take cars off congested roads, reduce pollution around airports, and lower the cost of air transportation while drastically reducing travel times,” he says.


Although the aircraft does not launch until 2024, the company has already announced ticket prices for some locations. A 36-minute flight from Boston to New York is $283; from Los Angeles to San Francisco $315 for 55 minutes; from Montréal to Toronto $25 for 60 minutes. Routes in other major cities are being prepared, as well.


The certification process has already begun, and routes will be set in place over the next two years for testing.