Glamping 101: Everything You Need To Know To Camp In Style
Photo Credit: Canva

Photo Credit: Canva

Glamping 101: Everything You Need To Know To Camp In Style

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DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor Nov 20, 2019

As kids, we lived for the great outdoors. Whether it was playing until the street lights came on or wanting to go camping with friends, we genuinely loved being one with nature.

For many adults, that feeling has changed. You don’t want to get dirty or there are too many bugs for you to truly enjoy your surroundings. In recent years, the trend of glamping has become popular and aims to solve some of those issues.

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Yes, glamorous camping is a thing and you need to give it a try ASAP. If you’ve never heard the term or are curious about how to actually glamp then you’ll want to keep reading.

Your location is key

As the trend grows, more and more resorts are offering the option. A great one to start with is the Westgate River Ranch just outside of Orlando, Florida. (There are resorts all over the country though) You’ll want to try to go in the fall so that it’s not too hot during your stay.

This resort offers several glamping options that are suitable for anyone’s camping level. If you are new to this, the luxe teepees are where it’s at. It sleeps four and is complete with electricity, a sitting area, dining table, bathroom, and bedroom. It’s literally like a hotel room in the middle of the woods. You get the feel of camping without having to give up your amenities. You’ll even get your own golf cart to drive around the resort.

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For those who don’t mind roughing it just a little, there are glamping tents. They are essentially a step down from the teepee but still give electricity and hotel-style feels. The only major difference is that the bathrooms are in a separate building so you would have to leave the tent to use it. The great part about it is that each tent is assigned its own bathroom, so you won’t be sharing that space with strangers.

Plan your wardrobe accordingly

Since you’re going to be in the woods, you may not want to bring your Sunday best outfits. However, since this is an elevated camping experience you can still get a little cute.

Pack layers because temperatures can go up and down while on your trip at any moment. You want to be prepared at all times. Many glamping resorts will also have laundry rooms on-site as well at an additional cost.

As far as shoes, bring a pair of comfortable walking shoes or boots that you don’t mind getting dirty. You will likely be near dirt, sand, mud, etc. during your stay.

Be sure to pack bug spray. Again, you’re in the woods and that’s just how camping goes.

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Be open-minded

If you aren’t someone who can step outside of their comfort zone for a few days, this may not be for you. But, life is too short to not try all the things.

Participate in activities that you wouldn’t normally do while glamping, it makes your experience much more authentic. For example, the Westgate Ranch offers horseback rides, archery, and disc shooting. These aren’t exactly things you would do in your daily routine. But, they are perfect for an outdoor adventure.

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Also, know that you probably won’t be eating gourmet meals during this time. There will likely be a small restaurant on your property or at least a store to pick up snacks. Most people pack foods and grill out or cook over a campfire. It sounds like a lot, but we all know grilled food is some of the best food around. Oh, and you can’t go camping without S’mores.

Now that you have a general idea of what to expect, do you think you will give it a try one day?

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