If the beautiful atmosphere of Key West, Florida isn’t enough, this new hotel is offering you a two-in-one experience.

The Havana Cabana is the latest hotspot for travelers looking for a hotel with a Cuban themed flavor. Guests step back into time when they enter, with a 1957 Chevrolet parked outside the front doors, an outdoor bar for you to sip tasty mojitos and jam to Flamenco tunes. Filled with vibrant colors, the hotel has 106 rooms with breathtaking views and a pool for guests to catch a breeze. If that doesn’t make you feel like you’re in Cuba already, Cabana has something else for you.

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They offer day trips to Cuba but at a cost. For almost $1000, explorers can hop on a quick flight to the island. Tour guides take guests around to get a glimpse of the culture and history, stopping at museums like Finca La Vigia, where famous journalist Ernest Hemingway once lived. After that, patrons can have some fun at La Terraza de Cojimar, where there is a window named after Hemingway to pay homage. Visitors also travel to a pharmacy that was turned into a museum called Johnson & Johnson. The building, standing for over 100 years, used to produce medicinal oils, elixirs, insecticides, and perfumes.

Of course, anyone that goes over to the once-banned country has to get some Cuban cigars. A shuttle takes Cabana guests Old Havana to the Cigar and Rum Store to collect cigars and souvenirs to enjoy. Before they cash in on gifts, guests will stop at La Bodeguita del Medio, which is known as the birthplace of everyone’s favorite drink, the mojito. The very last stop is at Revolution Square, where some of the country’s most famous political rallies have taken place. Past leaders like Fidel Castro and Pope John Paul II gave speeches in front of the towering buildings. Messages like words ‘Fidel, Vas Bien,’ Spanish for “Fidel, you’re doing alright’ still appear on some buildings.