From The Sleeper To The Planner: 8 Travel Styles Found In A Group. Which Are You?
Photo Credit: Jackie Parker

Photo Credit: Jackie Parker

From The Sleeper To The Planner: 8 Travel Styles Found In A Group. Which Are You?

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Spencer Jones
Spencer Jones Jan 7, 2022

After years of solo travel, which allowed you to dictate your own schedule and go at your own pace, you’ve rounded up the squad for a group vacation.

Since you’re all friends, there won’t be any friction, right? Well, that’s not a guarantee. It depends on how much you’re willing to compromise and look past the quirks and idiosyncrasies everyone has. Also, remember that people may act differently on vacation than they do at home.

It’s worth asking— what is the purpose of your trip? Soul-searching with friends? Hard partying? Do you want to soak up some culture, try new foods, learn a few phrases in a new language? Or are you content to do little more than roll from one side of your very comfortable bed to the other? There aren’t any right or wrong answers.

We’ve put together this light-hearted compilation of the more common travel styles/ personalities found in group trips. Let us know, are you any of the eight travelers below or a hybrid of them? Also, are we missing any?

1. The Planner

Photo by Thought Catalog

You’re the most administrative-minded. The adult in the group. The glue that keeps the whole production together.

You spend hours researching accommodations. Sure, that Airbnb is lovely, but this hotel right on the beach costs less, is just as nice, and comes with 24-hour concierge. You just need to work on convincing the others to get on the same page as you.

Flights. You’re the one who compares and contrasts, and budget trumps all. One carrier might be a lot less comfortable than others, but since you’ll only be in the air for a few hours, who cares? As long as the pilot is licensed and gets you to your destination safely.

Making restaurant reservations, arranging excursions and planning tours are also in your wheelhouse.



2. The "Go With The Flow" Type

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You’re not a fan of structure; spontaneity is the spice of life.

You pack at the last minute. You arrive at the gate just before it closes, and you’re not trying to hear anybody’s complaints. You got there in the end, right? OK, then. Chill.

You don’t like set itineraries either, and this may put you at odds with The Planner. Why does every single minute of every day need to be accounted for?  This is a vacation, right?


3. The Sleeper

Photo by Somnox Sleep

You can fall asleep on a bed of spikes if you’re tired enough.

While your friends are wide awake on the plane, you pass out as soon as you’re seated, and miss the snack service.

The others are frolicking on the beach, and you’re chilling on a lounge chair. You’d like to join in the shenanigans, but your eyelids are feeling heavy.

You take a mid-day nap, but when you all go clubbing that night, you’re the first to go down for the count and take an Uber.


4. The Hungry One

Photo by Tyler Nix

You just ate breakfast, but are already asking about lunch and dinner. Is the plan to go out? Cook at “home?” Order in?

When the group heads out for an excursion, you’re the human vending machine loaded with snacks and drinks. And go figure, you’re consuming most of them.

There’s no way you’re hiking to the Boiling Lake in Dominica without chips, fruit, and Dunkaroos. That biscuit and frosting combination slaps as much now as it did when you were a child. 



5. The Drinker

Photo by Gustavo Cultivo

You’re the one who knocks back a few glasses of wine at the airport, so you can sleep on the plane. It won’t be possible otherwise.

When you arrive at your hotel, you peruse your surroundings so that you know exactly where the nearest bar is at all times. And if not a bar, some other establishment where alcohol is served.

At the club, you might sneak in little bottles of liquor to save money. You can’t justify $30 for a Cuba Libre (who can?) so you order a Coke with lime and add your own rum to it.




6. The 'I Gotta Stay Fit, Even on Vacay' one

Photo by Corey Watson

Yes, you’re on vacation, but the fitness gains can’t be put on hold.

You want to know whether there is a gym at your hotel, and if so, what equipment does it have? Dumbbells or Kettlebells? They aren’t the same. And how up to date is that treadmill and stationary bike?

If there isn’t a gym, you improvise. Squats with a heavy backpack. A jog around the block. Using wine bottles as weights. And don’t forget the hundreds of free workouts on YouTube.



7. The 'Doing It For the 'Gram' One

Photo by Angela Franklin

You want to share as much of your trip with folks back home as possible. And if they get jealous, all the better!

Your selfie game is on point. Flawless. Of course, it is- you’ve had plenty of practice.

That cocktail you ordered is gorgeous. A work of art that doesn’t need a filter. You take pictures from several angles for Instagram.

You have a portable tripod for quality group photos. But you’re adamant that no picture is to go online if you don’t look good. And if you have to make several attempts, the others will have to deal.





8. The "Overpacker" aka 'I gotta get these 'fits off'


Photo by Anete Lūsiņa

The trip is only for a weekend, but you’re bringing the whole wardrobe with you.

Ten pairs of shoes, double that many pants, plenty of makeup. You’ll pay the fees to take all that along if you must.

Nobody is going to catch you in the same outfit twice.


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