French Airline Changes Family Traveling Experience With Beds For Kids
Photo Credit: Joon Airbus | Getty Images

Photo Credit: Joon Airbus | Getty Images

French Airline Changes Family Traveling Experience With Beds For Kids

Rachel George
Rachel George Nov 20, 2018

A few years ago, rumors surfaced of a more relaxing seating experience on planes for families, specifically children.


Air France launched a small boutique airline called Joon, catered towards the “new-generation” travel experience, according to Business Insider. It’s low fares, innovative amenitiesorganic food and beverage menuand relaxed modern uniforms and in-flight entertainment offer a lifestyle experience, for millennials that is.


The Joon airline officially announced the installation of Geven’s Piuma Seats on their Airbus A340 aircraft. It’s the world’s first family seating in economy, featuring beds for children, for a “modest” price of €20 (about $22) per person. Prices can be found here and vary based on the number of children and adults.


Traveling with children is now child’s play, according to Air France.


The design of the “Cosy Joon” seats calls for a removable headrest and elevated footrests, stretching out to a bed with a cotton mattress pad. The seats are only available in three rows, designed for families or parents traveling with at least two kids.


Parents must be seated next to children at all times. The seats are only available for children over the age of two, for security purposes. The seats measured at 105 x 76 cm / 41 x 30 in, are large enough for kids to eat, sleep and play on. Kids get the best of both worlds.


Test out these new kid-friendly seats, now that bookings are available. Parents are encouraged to book their Cosy Joon seats on the website after purchasing your flight tickets. Book your seats at least two weeks before your flight, due to limited seats.


Here’s a tip: Cosy Joon is free for all flying Blue, Silver, Gold and Platinum members, according to TGP. Booking is free if travelers check in 30 hours prior to departure time online.

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