Forbes Reveals The Most Dangerous Places To Visit In 2020
Photo Credit: MStudioImages | Getty Images

Photo Credit: MStudioImages | Getty Images

Forbes Reveals The Most Dangerous Places To Visit In 2020

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Leah Freeman-Haskin
Leah Freeman-Haskin Nov 25, 2019

Travel always comes with a level of uncertainty, but Forbes recently announced the most dangerous places to visit in 2020 based on research done by International SOS, a medical and travel security risk services company.

The company makes its predictions using five categories of risk: insignificant, low, medium, high, and extreme. According to International SOS, these ratings are based on “the current threat posed to travelers by political violence (including terrorism, insurgency, politically motivated unrest, and war), social unrest (including sectarian, communal, and ethnic violence) as well as violent and petty crime.”

Other factors include transportation infrastructure, industrial relations, the effectiveness of security and emergency services, and susceptibility to natural disasters.

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Looking ahead at 2020, Forbes and International SOS report that the most dangerous, extreme-risk countries include Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Afghanistan. Other high-risk destinations closer to the United States include Honduras and parts of Colombia, Venezuela, and Peru.

“There are certain regions within each country that may have a higher risk or might be more dangerous than others,” says Erika Weisbrod to Forbes, director of security solutions at International SOS. “So understanding where you’re going in a country is important as opposed to ruling out travel to a country altogether.”

Among the worst threats of natural disasters are hurricanes and wildfires in the United States, floods in parts of Europe and earthquakes in places ranging from Turkey to Japan.

“Natural disasters are really impacting every corner of the globe,” says Weisbrod to Forbes. “So being as prepared as possible and aware of the risks is what we recommend to travelers. And then having a way to stay informed if something does take place.”

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As with any travel, it is important to do your research and stay on top of current events within the region in which you are traveling. And always have an emergency plan in place.

The full list from their findings of the most dangerous places to visit in 2020 are below (in no specific order):






South Sudan

Central African Republic

Part of the Congo (DRC)

Part of eastern Ukraine


Parts of Pakistan


Part of Egypt

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