Situated where the Tagus river meets the Atlantic coast, and a place where you can expect 290 days of sunshine, consider booking your next trip to Europe in Lisbon.


Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, was named one of the top 10 cities in the world by Lonely Planet.


The city was built on the remains of an old volcanic field and is made up of seven hills that are famously pictured with vibrant, colorful homes, steep streets, and cable cars.


Lisbon offers an array of activities for every traveler type. Those into history and culture can visit museums, take a walking tour through the Arco da Rua Augusta, hike, golf, and opt for a relaxing stay at the beach.


These deals will get you to one Europe’s most enchanting cities this fall and winter for less than $600.


From Washington D.C./Baltimore:

There are various options on Google Flights for under $500 in the beginning of October. The flight with the shortest stops and layovers is the cheapest. Either way, they are all good deals.


From New York:

Iberia Airlines is having a sale for $507 round-trip from New York City and includes the taxes and fees in the beginning of October.



From Chicago:

The cheapest price found on Google Flights from Chicago was the last week in November.   Those traveling from the Chicago region can fly to Lisbon for $606 round-trip.



From Denver

The average flight to Lisbon from Denver is $1058 but we found a deal from British Airways that will get those flying from Denver to Lisbon for $624 round-trip this October.



From Las Vegas

Like Denver, British Airways has round-trip flights to Lisbon in October priced as low as $560 in October. This deal was found using skyscannner with various options for travel from October to November.