She Boarded Her First Flight At 40 And Now She Runs A Travel Agency
Photo Credit: Tracey-and-Kelly-

Photo Credit: Tracey-and-Kelly-

She Boarded Her First Flight At 40 And Now She Runs A Travel Agency

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Donovan Brown
Donovan Brown Oct 20, 2019

Meet Tracey Crawford. She’s a government employee, turned travel agency entrepreneur, from Washington D.C who took her first international flight to Spain for a wedding at the age of 40 years old and never looked back. 

Shortly after her first trip, Tracey became a full-scale victim of the travel bug, planning a birthday in 2009 with 20 of her closest friends to Riviera Maya in Mexico. By 2014, her annual travel group had expanded to over 60 people.

One day, after realizing the potential in her ability to plan for others and getting constant suggestions from friends, she looked into what it would take to establish a travel concierge service.

“I dedicated myself to providing the consummate professional service that I expect to receive,” Tracey tells Travel Noire. “I called my best friend to ask her if she would help me make my dreams come true and voila … a year later I had my own agency!”

Tracey and her best friend, Kelly Lenton, founded “Wanna Have Fun” which has been organizing trips for people all over the world. Their services include a Travel Buddy program for those afraid to travel solo and wanting to decrease vacation costs, assistance for those who have travel restrictions due to probation or parole, full vacation packages, and more. They offer also a unique first-time travelers program that includes an all-inclusive vacation that is sure to change perspectives through travel, just like Tracey experienced. 

In addition, Tracey has also started a new cannabis tourism company that offers a combination of 4-star hotels, unique dining experiences, and cannabis-friendly tours and excursions in states where recreational cannabis is legal. Cannabis Connections is hosting events Halloween weekend in Los Angeles and a “Winter Weed Wonderland” in December, as well as kicking off a Dine And Dab in Denver in February. 

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