Will Facial Recognition Be The Travel Trend Of The Next Decade?
Photo Credit: izusek | Getty Images

Photo Credit: izusek | Getty Images

Will Facial Recognition Be The Travel Trend Of The Next Decade?

Leah Freeman-Haskin
Leah Freeman-Haskin Dec 24, 2019

The past decade has seen a surge in technological travel trends from social media to short-term rental companies like Airbnb. Whether you believe these trends have improved our lifestyles or hindered them, there is no stopping the technological advances that will continue to change the way we interact, communicate, and travel.  As 2020 approaches, bringing questions of what the next decade will bring, the internet is full of predictions and speculations.

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According to phocuswire.com, the use of biometrics in the travel industry is exploding, and this trend could be the future of travel in the next decade. The site has reported two million airline passengers in the United States were scanned using facial recognition in April, and that number grew to 25 million just four months later.

While the technology has not been perfected, hotels will be using it more and more in the next decade to check in guests for a faster and easier experience. It will also be helpful in keeping track of their frequent visitors and their room preferences. But hotels and airlines aren’t the only places we will see the trend evolve.

“Mastercard, which used fingerprints for the first biometric cards in 2017, is now testing systems that use smartphone cameras to confirm identities. Travelers can check out of their hotel, pay for meals and confirm their participation in loyalty programs without the risk of a plastic card being lost or duplicated,” says the phocuswire.com website.

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As we move into the new decade and people continue to crave faster, more convenient options for travel, you can expect to see facial recognition technology popping up in just about every step of your travel journey.  

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