Emirates Can Now Send An Employee To Your Home To Check You In For A Flight
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

Emirates Can Now Send An Employee To Your Home To Check You In For A Flight

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Travel Noire May 7, 2018

While more and more companies are relying on technologically driven customer service, Dubai-based airline Emirates has launched a new service called the “Home Check-In” that will make preparing for a flight a thoughtful and personalized process.

For less than $100, those flying on Emirates from Dubai can now arrange to have an Emirates staff member meet them at their home, office or hotel to check-in for an upcoming flight. As part of the service, the staff member will meet any passenger flying from Dubai at a pre-determined location between 7 and 48 hours before departure with the passenger’s boarding pass in hand, and will take up to seven pieces of the passenger’s luggage (plus more at an additional fee) to Dubai International Airport.

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At first the service might sound like an unnecessary luxury, but if you’ve ever had to check out of a hotel or Airbnb in the morning while your flight was scheduled to leave later in the evening, this type of service could be a great option if you’re not sure where to store your luggage while you continue to explore a city before heading to the airport. Many Aribnb hosts won’t allow you to keep your bags at the property if you have a later departure time, so instead of going to the airport hours before you need to or carrying your luggage with you while you do your final sightseeing or conduct your last meetings, this service could be a great way to get your luggage taken care of in advance. For those flying to Dubai, the airline also offers a home delivery service where luggage is retrieved, cleared at customs and delivered to the desired location at a time that works for the passenger.

The service can be arranged up to 12 hours before the departing flight, but keep in mind that you still have to arrange your own transportation to the airport because passengers are not permitted to ride with their belongings. Learn more about the new service here.

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