Trinidad and Tobago: Best Local Cuisine
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

Trinidad and Tobago: Best Local Cuisine

Trinidad and Tobago
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Travel Noire Jan 15, 2019

The official name for Trinidad and Tobago is the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. This is the twin island country and the most southernmost nation in the Caribbean. You can come here to eat food alone because the place has fragrant seafood dishes. The island pays homage to different backgrounds including Latin American, African, and East Indian cultures. In Trinidad and Tobago, you can find crabs, vegetables, lobsters, and coconut milk dishes.

The people living on the island are also big fans of sweet foods such as grated coconut sugar cakes, bene balls and many more. Pelau is the signature dish of Trinidad and Tobago. This is a one-pot dish of pigeon peas, rice, chicken or beef, and coconut milk. Roti is also a popular alternative meal. This is a soft split pea that is filled with bread that is packed with curried meat, mango and chickpeas.

It’s time to bookmark the following places for your next adventure to Trinidad and Tobago.

Port of Spain

Trinidad and Tobago’s capital city has the most liberal scattering cafes, restaurants, and roadside eateries. Cuisines here are very diverse with American and Italian restaurants, Caribbean fusion and all of them vie for attention alongside other fast food chains. If you are looking for culinary action, then Ariapita Avenue is the place to be.

There, you can get sushi restaurants. If you are looking for American and Chinese dishes in the downtown Port of Spain, then you should look for a Victorian vision in sky blue and white. You can also find fine dining with regal ocean vistas and a classy interior on the outskirts Chaud KM shows Trinidad.


Chaguanas is one of the few newly opened American dining places, for example, the meaty giant Hollywood grill and the popular TGI. You can also get top Indian restaurants such as the Passage to Asia that serves spiced curries, fresh seafood dishes, and sweet Dahl. You can even get a blend of Caribbean, American, and Creole cuisine in the Woodford café. The huge patterns will offer you a chance of trying a wide range of classic island dishes that have a modern twist.

San Fernando

The coastal city of San Fernando that is to the south of Trinidad hosts a wide range of eateries that covers several types of cuisine. Here, you can get Oriental restaurants that give the town its strength. At Dim Sum King, you can eat a wide range of authentic Chinese food. Another place that offers excellent Chinese food is Soong.


For people who are fans of eating in roadside stalls, Tobago is the place for you. You won’t be disappointed because you can sit down and have your meal in one of the informal and quirky local eateries. If you want to eat while watching the ocean, then the best place to eat is King’s bay café. The area doubles as a gift shop and has an electric menu of international and Caribbean dishes. Cascreole Bar and Beach Club offer a meal steak within the shot of the breaking waves.

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