Top Things to do in Turks and Caicos

Once considered a destination exclusively for celebrities, this elite island now attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year due to its relaxing atmosphere and breathtaking beaches. I recently had the opportunity to experience it all for myself during the humid month of July. With over 40 islands and several cays, there’s PLENTY to do in […]

Shenita Outland

Fiji: What To Expect

What a treat it is to visit the South Pacific. People always ask what Fiji is like and I always say the same thing. Fiji is simply breathtaking. The beauty is unmatched and the locals are extremely friendly.   We spent our days basking in the vibrant sun–fanned by the relentless ocean breeze. At night, […]

Travel Noire

Whenua – New Zealand.

“Turituri” is a Maori word meaning be quiet. My initial inference was that the word meant to refute clamour with the invoking of quiet.  I learned that Kiwi schoolteachers especially use the word to quiet down noisy classrooms: “Turituri, turituri!” I suppose you can say I adopted the term for myself (…in touristy enrapture tainted by my writer’s […]

Travel Noire