The Caribbean: Diving Into The Heart Of Grenada

Traveler Jordan tells Travel Noire about his journey through Grenada, a picture-perfect jewel in the Caribbean.   Travel Noire: Why did you decide to go Grenada? Jordan: It had always been on my list of Caribbean islands to visit. I love small islands because you can do everything in a short amount of time. Travel Noire: When did […]

Travel Noire

The Middle East: One Traveler’s Journey Through Oman and Abu Dhabi

Washington, D.C. resident Abdullah Konte reflects on his awe-inspiring journey to the Middle East.  Travel Noire: Why did you decide to visit the Middle East? Abdullah: I decided to go to Oman because my brother has been living there for almost 4 years and I had yet to go. I didn’t know much about Oman, but […]

Travel Noire

How To Make The Most Of A Layover In New England

When it comes to getting the best deals on international flights, there’s a good chance that the cheap airfare will require a long layover. That was the case when I booked a trip to Saint Lucia, but rather than roughing it out at Logan airport in Boston, I decided to create another mini trip to […]

j. nambowa

How One Traveler Spent The Perfect Winter Vacation In Zürich, Switzerland

Traveler Lindsey Gene tells Travel Noire about her recent winter getaway to the beautiful city of Zürich, Switzerland.  Travel Noire: Why did you decide to go Zürich? Lindsey: I decided to take a trip for my 30th birthday with my best travel partner, my mum. My mum travels to Zürich quite frequently for work and has […]

Travel Noire

How To Spend A Day In Black-Owned Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, California is home to nearly four million black residents, but unlike cities like New York or Atlanta, finding black-owned businesses to support can pose a challenge for both locals and visitors. Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles and the California African American Museum are two of the most recognizable institutions in the region, but this guide will tell you […]

Shontel Horne

10 Times Black Travelers Made Morocco Look Magical

Morocco has an indescribable allure that you have to experience first-hand to truly understand. The North African nation has charmed travelers for decades, and Marrakesh is easily one of the top cities that is a must-visit for global adventurers. Whether you’ve explored the historic markets, mosques and hotels throughout Morocco or are simply dreaming of […]

Shontel Horne

10 Photos That Will Make You Fall In Love With Santorini

Take one look at photos taken in dreamy Santorini and you’ll understand why the Greek destination has been a hot spot for travelers. One of the Cyclades islands located in the Aegean Sea, Santorini’s instantly recognizable crisp white architecture and vivid blue domes of Oia are a must-see during a visit to the island. Grab a […]

Shontel Horne

A Weekend Getaway to Big Bear, California

“This is the true story of seven strangers picked to live in a house…” Ok, more like nine people who decided to rent a house for a weekend getaway in Big Bear, California, but once we arrived, it immediately felt like an episode of The Real World. Even though we saw pictures of our digs ahead of […]

Aja Williams

10 Pictures That Will Make You Want To Visit Turks and Caicos ASAP

If you’re looking for the ultimate island getaway that includes picturesque beaches, world-class seafood and great hospitality, Turks and Caicos should be at the top of your list of travel destinations. Made up of more than 40 islands, eight of which are inhabited, Turks and Caicos welcomes nearly 1.5 million visitors annually, many of which travel […]

Shontel Horne

10 Best Places To Travel Solo In 2018

One of the top reasons people don’t travel as often as they’d like, aside from financial and time constraints, is the lack of a travel partner. For many, doing simple activities like eating out alone or seeing a movie solo can cause a wave of nervousness and anxiety, so the mere thought of solo travel is […]

Shontel Horne

How To Spend Five Days In Sydney, Australia

Some time ago I knew I wanted to plan a big bucket list type. I knew when I was going to go and where I would stay, so I started my planning in early. Then, I came up with the idea that this could be an early birthday gift for myself and my mom since […]

Brittany Walters

How One Day In Bahrain Made This Traveler View the Middle East Differently

I once held the ignorant belief that Middle Eastern countries were all similar. I thought that they were all countries with desert locales, all holding on to archaic and outdated interpretations of Islam much like Saudia Arabia. I was wrong. Each individual country holds a wealth and art, history and tradition that has withstood the test […]

Alicia Fort Anir

Off The Beaten Path In Canada’s Wild Yukon Territory

Photographer Jared Hail shares his journey through Canada’s Yukon territory.  When you mix adventure and creativity in travel, you never know what you’re going to get. I craved a new frontier, but I knew I didn’t want your typical weekend camping getaway. I wanted the middle of nowhere, off the beaten path kind of destination. Being […]

Jared Hail

How To Avoid Tourist Traps In Paris

Paris, France is simply enchanting. Whether you land at l’Aéroport Charles de Gaulle or arrive by train via la Gare du Nord, you can feel a change in the air the moment you arrive. If you’re like me, you suddenly feel a rush of emotion as you hastily think of the attractions you must visit and […]

Steffy Fogain

5 Best Places To Ring In The New Year That Aren’t New York City

We get it. New York City has one of the most iconic New Year’s Eve celebrations on the planet. More than one million people flock to Times Square (and more than one billion tune in from around the world) to watch the ball drop in the Big Apple, so it’s hard for any city to compete […]

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