7 Must-Have Experiences in South Africa

South Africa is one of those places that, once visited, sticks with you long after you’ve left; leaving its mark in ways you didn’t anticipate. Whether it’s the people, the culture, the scenery or some combination of all of the above, there is something about the country that compels you to want to explore more. During […]

Tausha Cowan

Eating Your Way Through Addis Ababa

A foodie at heart, when I travel, an important part of my experience comes through my taste buds. I am a strong believer that truly exploring a place means delving into its history, living the lives of its people, and taking part in the daily culture. I found that there is no better way to […]

Yayne Hailu

48 Hours in Livingstone

After a few weeks at my internship in Lusaka, Zambia I decided to venture to Livingstone, the country’s tourism capital and home to the Victoria Falls. My local friends recommended Mazhandu Family Bus Services. I took the 6 AM bus so I could experience at least a half-day when I arrived in Livingstone. Despite the […]

Ian Taylor, Jr.

5 Must Haves For An African Safari

So you’re heading out on your first ever African safari? Great! Now that you’ve packed your telephoto lens, plenty of sunblock and tons of comfortable clothes for layering, allow me to share a few tips that you may not find on most ‘must have’ safari lists but are definite necessities if you want to maximize […]

Modupe Sonuyi

7 Reasons You Should Visit Kenya

Watamu is a small town in Kenya. It’s located approximately 105 km north of Mombasa in and about 15 km south of Malindi on the Indian Ocean coast of Kenya. It lies on a small headland, between the Blue Lagoon and Watamu Bay. Its main economic activities are tourism and fishing. The Sunrises are amazing! Even on a cloudy day the view is to die for. After waiting […]

Travel Noire

Christo Restaurant, Egypt

The Great Pyramid and Sphinx of Giza, left me repeating, “Wow, wow, wow”. After riding a camel and shooing off bloody hustlers, I was overdue for lunch and my Pronto Tours guide was leading the way. Christo Restaurant (10 Pyramid Road Giza, Egypt) is located 12 miles outside of Cairo and their fare took my […]

Nicole Taylor

Seychelles on my Mind

Seychelles is not a trip that you take; but a trip that takes you. Before you ever arrive, your eyes drink in the cobalt blue waters of the Indian Ocean that seem to appear out of nowhere beneath miles of clouds. Listed twice in the Top 25 Beaches of the World, Seychelles is famous for […]

Jessica Belle

A Powerful Visit to Robben Island

I had the amazing opportunity to study abroad in South Africa through my university a couple years ago. With around twenty-two other students and two advisors, we embarked on our month long Business & Culture: South Africa Exploration Seminar. During our last couple of weeks, we had the chance to spend time in Cape Town […]

Danait Kidane

South Africa Slim Down

“Hello? Hello Miss? Are you still there?” I shake my head vigorously and attempt to focus on the noise spilling out of the other end of my phone. Did I just hallucinate the last thirty seconds of this conversation? “Miss, did you understand what I explained?” Immediately, my heart begins to race and my palms […]

Modupe Sonuyi

The Spirit of Soweto

With the recent passing of the great Nelson “Madiba” Mandela, I’ve found myself reflecting on my time in South Africa – specifically Soweto, a township located 20 miles away from Johannesburg. Soweto was home to the Mandela family from 1946 to 1962 and was my home for a mere five days. My time in Soweto […]

Danait Kidane

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

My first encounter with the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust was in a book I read when I was about 10 years old. That was a while back but I remember being fascinated by how the keepers would stay with the elephant calves every hour of the day and at night sometimes they would share a […]

Travel Noire

Skin Color Doesn’t Equal Connection

Whether in the Caribbean, Latin America, or Africa, traveling to a predominately black location can be difficult as a black traveler. The cultural and historical diversity within the African diaspora has created uniquely connected yet disconnected cultures, traditions, and identities. As a black traveler in countries with an African presence, your skin color, race, identity, […]

Tayler Ulmer

Uganda: The Pearl of Africa

My journey to Uganda was comprised of nothing short of miracles. I quickly rushed through security and finally had a moment to breathe and think about the journey to Uganda I was about to embark on. I pursued a career in international ‘development’*, because I found the sector to be polarizing. The sector is overwhelmingly […]

Udodi Okoh

My Trip to the Morrocan Souks of Jamaa el Fna

Africa, Senegal, Obama and Black Tina Turner (nobody informed me that Tina Turner wasn’t black anymore), were just a few of the names I was called as I navigated the Souks of Jamaa el Fna. On my third foray into the massive maze-like souk, all I needed to hear was ‘My Wife’ to know I was on the […]

Travel Noire

The Ethiopian Spirit

“I chase my aspirations, in an attempt to quench my thirst for exploration. Suddenly, God reveals the peace to be found in contentment.” Last year I embarked on a life-changing mission trip of giving in Ethiopia with a group of truly inspirational and visionary individuals. We set out to explore the beautiful city and people […]

Travel Noire