This Black-Owned Service Allows You To Stream Black Content From Around The World
Photo Credit: Canva

Photo Credit: Canva

This Black-Owned Service Allows You To Stream Black Content From Around The World

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite May 29, 2020

DeShuna Spencer is the founder and CEO of KweliTV, one of the first Black woman-owned digital networks celebrating Black stories and culture. And now Spencer is expanding her reach by launching a 24-hour movie channel.   

The new addition to KweliTV allows viewers to discover and enjoy Black-curated indie films, documentaries, web series, kids programming, news, and live experiences from around the world including, North America, Africa, Latin America, Europe, and the Caribbean.

More than 90% of the platform’s films have been official selections at film festivals and more than 65% are award-winning. KweliTv enables more than 300 indie filmmakers of color across the globe a space to showcase and make money off of their content.

KweliTV’s 24-hour channel is a free and ad-supported channel that streams a limited selection of films and documentaries on the website, its apps, Comcast Xfinity X-1, and Xfinity Flex.

The addition of this live channel will give customers more choices to engage with the platform’s content. Customers can now stream more than 15,000 hours of content on the company’s subscription on-demand channel for $5.99 a month or $49.99 per year; rent any of their 400+ titles for a day for a one-time fee, or watch the ad-supported 24-hour live stream of a curated collection of films and shows for free.

“This year, KweliTV is laser-focused on spreading our content across various distribution channels to make it much easier to reach our audience in a number of ways,” said Spencer. “Given the fact that COVID-19 is disproportionately impacting our community’s health and pocketbooks, our live, free channel allows us to connect with customers who may be experiencing financial challenges.”

Kweli, which means ‘truth’ in Swahili, supports the company’s ultimate mission and goal to curate content that is a true reflection of the global Black experience.

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