For those who want to ensure their homes and families are protected at all times, it is important to get proper training on how to you use your firearms first.

We put together this list of Black-owned firearm companies as well as companies that will train you on how to properly use them. Check them out.

This Atlanta training program aims to empower women of color to feel more comfortable in using their firearms. They are holding classes outdoors during COVID-19 restrictions with a max of 15 women per class.

Based in Tennessee, this family-owned and veteran-owned federal firearms dealer was founded in 2015 and offers handguns, rifles, as well as any ammo you may need. The owner and staff are knowledgable and can help you find the perfect match

This certified Burbank, CA firearms company offers private classes as well group safety lessons on properly caring for your guns. Stop in or browse online to find the best firearm for your needs.

Checkout this Illinois firearms dealer for your handgun, rifle, and ammo needs. They sell many of the major firearms brands as well.

Located in Schriever, Louisiana, this dealer sells all ammunition and cleaning supplies needed for your firearms. Also a veteran-owned business.

From ladies only to home defense classes, this Maryland company is also authorized to sell firearms. Check out the schedule for upcoming classes and events.

The motto of this Miami firearms academy is “training for the everyday simple individual.” The goal is to make those who are uncomfortable using firearms to become comfortable and properly use them.

This New Orleans company’s motto is “don’t wait for harm, to arm.” The owner is a certified NRA pistol instructor and offers several classes to help you properly use your firearm.

Owner Tiffany Showers focuses on getting other women properly trained and licensed to carry and use firearms. She also offers tactical defense training and personal fitness training.

This Black-owned Texas business will get you right when it comes to properly using your hand guns or long guns as well as getting your license.

Based in Lithonia, Georgia this Black-owned company is authorized to conduct personal firearms introduction as well as safety classes.

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