Underneath Aruba and Bonaire is the beautiful island and hidden gem of Curaçao. It’s a sister island to both Aruba and Bonaire, creating what is widely known as the “ABC Islands.”

While Aruba gets most of the love out of the three destinations, more people are starting to discover that Curaçao has much to offer – especially for travelers looking to explore Black culture and history.

Curaçao is a Dutch-Caribbean island that’s a melting pot of more than 50 nationalities, but Afro-Caribbeans make up the majority of the island’s population, according to Jetair Caribbean.

Travelers will immediately notice that Afro-Caribbean traditions have influenced the Papiamentu language, Tambu – also known as Curaçao Blues – cuisine, art, and more.

Experience this unique culture firsthand by supporting Black-owned businesses in Curaçao.

De Broeders

De Broders is the perfect restaurant for breakfast, lunch, or brunch. Located in Willemstad, it’s known for its vibrant atmosphere and friendly staff. The menu features a breakfast burger, French toast, pancakes, grilled ribeye, sopi kami, and local beef soup, just to name a few.

The beverage menu features coffee, and specialty drinks, including cappuccino, mochas, fresh juices, wine, cocktails, and the iconic Blue Curaçao liquor.

Saint Tropez 

Saint Tropez Ocean Club is more than a hotel. Located in the eccentric Pietermaai area, its centralized location puts you in the middle of Willemstad’s best shops, bars, cafes, and restaurants.

Guests won’t have to go far when staying at Saint Tropez. The hotel has an oceanfront bar, an ocean club and restaurant, Black Jack Sportsbar, a beautiful infinity pool, and day parties that turn into booming night celebrations.

Zus di Plaza

Zus di Plaza is an open-air cafeteria offering the best of the island’s cuisine. Inside are local dishes from various vendors in what visitors call “A Taste of Curacao.”

This is an excellent place for visitors who want to experience a variety of local dishes. Popular items include fried red snapper, okra soup, stewed beef and chicken, fried plantains, pumpkin pancakes, and more.  


Beyglz is a delicious bagel spot in Curacao that puts a twist on bagel sandwich classics. The iconic Philly Cheesesteak inspires the Philadelphia Story bagel. It comes with sauteed tenderloin, mushrooms, onions, bell peppers, and cheese on a bagel.

The Breakfast Club comes with poached or fried eggs, cheese, avocado, bacon, and siracha mayo. The Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs is made with soy protein, meatballs, marinara sauce, and vegan cheese.


For those of you staying on the island a little longer, Bar. Ber Willemstad is a destination where you can get a haircut and a drink. 

The shop says it gives guests a cut and a fade – aka cocktails – until the evening. Some nights in the barbershop will have live music and guests DJs.

Loof Events

Loof Events is a full-service, one-stop wedding shop for special moments like a destination wedding. The term Loof means relief in Curaçao’s native language, Papiamentu. Loof staff strives to remove the pressure and stress from planning destination weddings.

Loof was founded in 2012 in Willemstad, Curaçao, and is led by its director Gina van de Laar.

Bario Hotel

Bario Hotel is located in the city center’s most colorful, artistic, and historical section. The “Bario Otrobanda” area has become a hotspot for Curaçao’s unique experiences.

This boutique hotel is where art, history, and culture meet, filled with art installations and locally curated murals. There is also a range of accommodation options to suit every travel budget.

There’s no shortage of things to do during your stay here. Kurt Schoop is one of the co-owners of this hotel and offers a walking tour known as Tour ku Kurt. He takes you on a journey through the beautiful neighborhoods while explaining how Black culture has impacted the island.

Be sure also to experience Bario Urban Street Food during your stay. The food market is one of the best ways to explore the local culture in the most authentic way.

Waterbikes Curacao

Waterbikes Curaçao offers a one-of-a-kind water experience. You will explore the beautiful waters, landscapes, intercoastal waterways, and skylines of the west coast of Curaçao from close up with music.

Waterbikes Curaçao offers hourly private groups, fitness groups, and tour groups.


Black-owned Curaçao
Photo credit: PopCultr | Instagram

Cool down from Curacao’s heat with a homemade ice treat from Popcultr. The pop-up shop has delicious handcrafted popsicles that are refreshing on hot days. The team also creates handmade smoothies and smoothie bowls.