Best Things To Do In Koh Rong, Cambodia
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

Best Things To Do In Koh Rong, Cambodia

Koh Rong , Cambodia
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Travel Noire Jan 12, 2019

When you think of paradise, chances are you envision a place as serene and beautiful as Koh Rong. This amazing island paradise is located near the coast of Sihanoukville, Cambodia and is quickly becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. If you have been dreaming of pristine white sand beaches and crystal clear water, Koh Rong is the place to go.

As beautiful as the beaches are you’ll find a lot more to do on Koh Rong than simply relaxing under a palm tree. This stunning paradise has it all, vibrant nightclubs, picturesque villages, and much more. There’s never a dull minute on Koh Rong.

Koh Rong Snorkeling & Scuba Diving

In Koh Rong, you’ll find some of the most fascinating marine life on the planet, so it isn’t surprising that snorkeling and diving are favorite pastimes with tourists. There are a number of places that organize dive trips and many of them advertise on the beaches around the island. There is also the option of booking a dive with the Koh Rong Dive Center.

Take an Island Tour

The best way to see Koh Rong is to book a tour so you’ll be sure not to miss any of the fantastic sites on the island. Although the tour takes an entire day, you’ll see everything from unspoiled beaches to fishing villages and private islands. You’ll even visit quaint little resorts that you might not even know exist. One such resort is the Jungle Zoo where you’ll find exotic birds, butterflies, as well as a number of other animals native to the island.

Windsurfing & Paddle Boarding

If you’ve been dreaming of windsurfing in the tropics, you’ll love Koh Rong where you’ll find several locations that are great for windsurfing. If paddle boarding is more to your liking, there are a number of places that rent paddle boards.

High Point Zip Line and Rope Park

This is one of the most unique zip line experiences you’ll ever find. The High Point Zip Line and Rope Park is basically an obstacle course in the trees and consists of bridges, ropes, and zip lines, as well as a swing and barrel, both fly between the trees at a height of over 78 feet above the ground.

The Blob Jump

Thrill seekers will enjoy this giant blow-up blob that sits on the water. There is nothing like fun in the sun while jumping onto the blob from a height of nearly 20 feet. The Blob Jump is located on Sok San Beach and is reasonably priced so the entire family can enjoy this outing.

Take a Sunset Cruise

If you have been out exploring the island, you might want to consider taking a sunset boat trip back to Sok San Beach. There are a number of local fishing boats that double as tourist transportation from the deserted parts of the island. These boats are usually waiting nearby so it’s easy to flag them down. The cost is relatively inexpensive so a sunset boat ride might be something you’ll want to do more than once while vacationing in Koh Rong.

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