Bali Resort Bans Cell Phone Usage Poolside, Wants Guests To Be 'In The Moment'
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Bali Resort Bans Cell Phone Usage Poolside, Wants Guests To Be 'In The Moment'

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Sharelle Burt
Sharelle Burt Nov 23, 2018

Some venues depend on posts from their guests to gain traction, but the Ayana Resort and Spa is putting a stop to it.


The resort in Bali is banning cell phones at the pool through a new program called “In the Moment.” The program calls for visitors to disconnect while they’re at the pool, banning smartphones and other devices from the hours of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. People who are wary about leaving their phones in their rooms can put them in lockers. By unplugging from technology, the resort is encouraging guests to read books or catch a tan.


Guests are encouraged to truly unplug while poolside. Some are using the opportunity to read magazines or to simply sunbathe. Ayana is providing non-digital fun with games like Jenga and Uno for entertainment. “The ethos of River Pool is to create a place of tranquility, where our guests can truly relax and be in the moment,” a rep from Ayana said. It sounds peaceful but its not for everyone.


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A marketing group did a study proving that 53 percent of American travelers have never turned the corner on unplugging from the digital world. OnePoll labeled it as nomophobia.” 20 percent of respondents admitted they checked their phone at least once per hour while traveling, while 14 percent confessed to checking their phone twice. Some say they can’t leave their phones alone because of certain apps. Users are attached to apps that help with directions, confirm bookings and reservations or look at menus.


Banning cell phones isn’t a new trend. Last year, comedian Chris Rock banned cell phones from his “Total Blackout” tour, a pun on the tour name. Rock prohibited the use of taking photos or videos while he was on stage in hopes that fan would enjoy the show more.


Besides having games for your inner child to play, Ayana has cocktails that will definitely grab your attention.

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