Avid Travelers Share Their Worst Travel Pet Peeves
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Photo Credit: Getty Images

Avid Travelers Share Their Worst Travel Pet Peeves

Sharelle Burt
Sharelle Burt Jan 24, 2019

Making sure you have everything you need, being on time for your flight and having fun should be the only thing travelers need to worry about. The reality, however, is that traveling can be quite stressful. If you add up the petty things you have to deal with, travelers might contemplate canceling their trip altogether. So TN wanted to know what are some of your pet peeves when it comes to traveling.

It was clear that some of you had things to get off your chest.

One traveler made it very clear that stretching your seat all the way back is not an option if you’re sitting in front of her.

This one is probably every traveler’s worst nightmare. Have you ever been in the middle of listening to your favorite song with your headphones? It’s almost a guarantee that a friendly passenger is going to try and spark up a conversation. Headphones need to come with a sign that reads: “Do Not Talk To Me When Inserted.”

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Of course, when you travel, you’re supposed to have a budget, especially when traveling with a group. But most times you will get that one traveler that is penny-pinching the whole time and will get left behind on the experience.

Sitting on a plane for only an hour, let alone ten hours, can give you anxiety. Getting off the plane as fast as you can is always the mission. But if your seat is in the middle or back of the plane, why not just sit, take a breath and wait your turn? You’re not going to go anywhere any faster than the ones in front of you. That was one of the main pet peeves for a few travelers.

The one pet peeve that everyone can agree on is traveling with people that aren’t down to explore. Especially when traveling internationally. You are supposed to want to experience the culture that you can’t find in your hometown.

The moral of the story: be prepared for any and everything when you travel.

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