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Top Travel Amenities for 2022

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Jasmine Osby Mar 15, 2022

The pandemic changed vacation experiences for travelers around the world. As more people begin to venture outside this travel season, the desires and needs of those traveling have changed. While some travel amenity favorites have remained the same, many travelers are seeking out more specific amenities that cater to the needs of their families and travel partners.

From luxury bath experiences to more all-inclusive resort destinations within driving distance, travelers are being vocal about what they want when planning a vacation. Check out some of the most requested travel amenities travelers have been searching for thus far in 2022.

1. Bathtubs

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Self-care is definitely on the menu for 2022 as Google searches saw a 25 percent increase in travelers looking for hotels with bathtubs. Bathtubs were the most-searched amenity and there’s nothing like relaxing in a nice bubble bath after a long day of exploring your destination of choice so it makes sense why bathtubs landed at the top of the most sought after travel amenity for 2022. 

Hotel bathtubs have been considered a luxury amenity for a long time and a beautiful, standalone, clawfoot tub sets the perfect ambiance for a romantic bath experience or a peaceful moment of self-love. Consider checking out some hotels with bathtubs next time you travel out of town.

2. Free Parking

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As more travelers gravitate towards traveling by car, properties with free parking are up 70 percent for 2022. Paying to park every time you enter and exit the parking lot or risking getting a ticket parking meters has been a longstanding travel nuisance. And travelers are going the extra mile to find travel accommodations that don’t force them to come out of pocket to park their vehicles in a safe place. Properties where parking is free and guaranteed are at the top of the list when it comes to desired travel amenities 

3. Ski Amenities

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Travelers have developed a love for nature and the outdoors and more people are seeking out properties with ski-in/ski-out amenities. Folks want to hit the slopes with searches for ski properties up 50 percent since 2019. Travelers are also looking for properties with ski shuttles and equipment storage. 

4. All-inclusive Destinations

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With some travelers still leary of COVID exposure, many people are opting for all-inclusive stays where they can enjoy food, entertainment, and relaxation all at one property. This trend has led to the emergence of domestic all-inclusive resorts that provide the all-inclusive experience right here in the states. reports searches for domestic all-inclusive resorts have increased significantly since 2019 and that more properties in the US are following the trend. 

5. Spas & Wellness Amenities

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Spas and wellness amenities are a favorite for travelers headed on vacation. Recently, sexual wellness has become a sought-after amenity and more properties are offering couples retreats and even coaching and anatomical exploration sessions with licensed therapists. There are many companies designed to heighten the tantric and intimate experience of travelers while on vacation and people are adding these services to their list of travel must-haves as they plan their getaways. 

6. Family Travel Opportunities

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The pandemic stopped a lot of families from taking the proper vacations both parents and kids need to unwind. This year, more travelers are looking for kid-friendly travel opportunities, with searches for hotels with cribs up 65 percent, childcare amenities increasing by 45 percent, and properties with connecting rooms up 20 percent. Parent travelers love places they can take the whole family for fun and adventure and they are seeking out destinations to accommodate travelers of every age and size. 

7. In-Room Kitchens

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In-room kitchens were the second most sought after travel amenity. Kitchen searches have consistently increased 15 percent over the years with travelers looking to save money on food expenses and people who want to try out the latest cooking trend while on vacation. In-room kitchens are also very popular for large families traveling who prefer to cook at the hotel than eat out. 

8. Workout Facilities

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Online searches for hotel properties with gyms are up 60 percent as the workout craze bounces back from the pandemic. Travelers want to be able to exercise during their travel stays, whether it’s for business or pleasure, and more people are throwing their sneakers in their suitcases with hopes of breaking a sweat before heading into town. 

9. Complimentary Breakfast

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When the pandemic started, many hotels traded the hot breakfast amenity for pre-packaged grab-and-go food items. But travelers are back this year looking for properties that offer a delicious hot breakfast for them to enjoy at the start of their day. Complimentary breakfast saves travelers a lot of money on dining out when vacationing and searches for the popular amenity is up 75 percent. Travelers want appetizing breakfast buffets, waffles makers, and gourmet omelets available every day at the hotel of their choice. 

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