Alaska Airlines Adds New Route To Belize For West Coast Travelers
Photo Credit: Meritt Thomas

Photo Credit: Meritt Thomas

Alaska Airlines Adds New Route To Belize For West Coast Travelers

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Malik Peay
Malik Peay Nov 23, 2021

With tropical travel becoming more and more popular, Alaska Airlines is adding a new route to Belize for people who live on the West Coast.

The airline’s newest route was added on November 19. If you are looking to travel between Los Angeles and Belize, the cost starts at $169 one-way, and flying from Seattle will start at $189 for flights in early 2022.

The Caribbean nation located in Central America has attracted thousands of international tourists every year. For its rich cuisine and Mayan ruins, Belize is an ancient sightseeing destination that allows you to be transported to another world full of historical culture and lush jungles.

The Cayes and the 450 other islands that make up Belize are part of the reason why it is such a popular travel destination for its Afro-Latino roots and various coastal landscapes.

There will be four flights taking off every week between Los Angeles and Belize, and two from Seattle to the country. Alaska Airlines makes Belize its fourth travel destination to become a part of West Coast travel. This will definitely bring more tourists directly to Belize to help the country build its local economy from previous months of strict COVID-19 regulations and restrictions.

This is all a part of Alaska Airlines’ seasonal travel routes but will be updated with more expected routes to Belize as the fares become more booked. Travelers can take advantage of Belize’s diverse array of beaches and landmarks that contributes to Belize’s heritage and longtime history.

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