Two Hotels In Africa Make ‘Most Spectacular Hotels In The World’ List
Photo Credit: Photo by The Lazy Artist Gallery

Photo Credit: Photo by The Lazy Artist Gallery

Two Hotels In Africa Make ‘Most Spectacular Hotels In The World’ List

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Feb 12, 2020

Matador Network’s highly anticipated “25 Most Spectacular Hotels in the World” list has dropped for 2020 and this year, the list includes two hotels in Africa.

Check out which African accommodations made the list and why.

Borana Lodge In Kenya

Located in Laikipia, Kenya, Borana Lodge Conservancy is a rhino sanctuary that offers more than looking at animals.  Here is where you can immerse yourself with the conservation workers and help to spot rhinos, reporting on their locations, monitoring lion behavior, and participating in darting and tagging initiatives.

The eight-cottage resort also allows guests to intertwine with the local community.   Visitors have the chance to visit the local Maasai village and learn its history along with a traditional dance.

According to Matador, the family that runs Borana Lodge also uses a significant portion of its operating profits to support greater wilderness conservation through its non-profit Borana Conservancy organization.

Photo courtesy of Borana Lodge Conservancy

Singita Lebombo Lodge In South Africa

Lebombo is a private accommodation within the park, which means it’s only you, the other hotel guests, and the wildlife.

According to Matador, each of the 13 suites feels like part of the landscape, and you’ll spot wild animals from your bedroom just as easily as you would on a game drive.

For the best view,  aim for a room overlooking the N’wanetsi River.

If you decide to leave the room,  there are beautiful views overlooking the hills and a chance to try a variety of South African wines.  

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