This Woman Created 90s Themed Black Trivia Books To Cure Your Quarantine Boredom
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Black Trivia Books

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Black Trivia Books

This Woman Created 90s Themed Black Trivia Books To Cure Your Quarantine Boredom

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DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor Apr 4, 2020

With social distancing being the new normal, many people find themselves looking for new ways to stay entertained. Charlotte resident Kendra Allison recently created the perfect solution.

Her brand, Black Trivia Books, combines Black-American pop culture with trivia, puzzles, and brain teaser activities for all the ’90s hip hop and R&B babies.

“I love doing crossword puzzles because wordplay, trivia, and brain teasers are my jam,” Kendra told Travel Noire. “I could not find any crossword puzzles for a 90s hip-hop and R&nB culture consumer like me, so I created the crossword puzzle experience that I wanted in this book.”

So far, Kendra has created two books in her ‘wordplay’ series.  Word Play: A Different World and Word Play: Martin tv show. While the Different World book is currently sold out, the Martin series allows you to test your skills with crossword puzzles, word searches, matchups, quotes, a top 15 episodes list, and a Martin Mystery.

“The comedic genius of Martin Lawrence, Tisha Campbell, Tichina Arnold, Thomas Mikal Ford, and Carl Anthony Payne, among other amazing character actors and celebrity guests, was a microcosm of the era. Whoever thought we’d see crossword puzzles, word searches, and trivia activities like this?”

The Martin trivia books are currently on sale during quarantine for $20 each. You can order your copy by visiting the website: or by following the Instagram page: @blacktriviabooks.

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