Pull-Up And Chill: 6 Drive-In Movie Theaters To Check Out While Safely Social Distancing
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

Pull-Up And Chill: 6 Drive-In Movie Theaters To Check Out While Safely Social Distancing

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DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor Jun 1, 2020

Although states are beginning to open back up, it looks like movie theaters will be among the last things to welcome people again. As a result, the drive-in theater is now making a comeback to ensure people can still catch there favorite Hollywood hits.

If you are an avid movie-goer and simply enjoy watching a film on the big screen, we’ve come across these drive-in theaters across the country that you can visit.

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The Miami Dolphins will soon turn their NFL stadium into a drive-in movie theater. It is being said that this move will make it one of the largest drive-ins to date with a capacity of 230 cars.

Courtesy of Miami Dolphins

As one of the last drive-in theaters in California, The Sunset Drive-In shows double-header features every night for only $8 per person. If you are worried about social distancing, all cars are spaced out and there are reminders to remain 6 feet apart in the common areas.

Courtesy of The Sunset Drive-In

Located about 35 minutes outside of Charlotte’s city limits, this family-owned business offers 2 screens to keep up with the growing demand. One screen is family-friendly. There are also concessions on-site as well.

Courtesy of Charlotte’s Got A Lot

Catch back-to-back shows for only $15 at this drive-in theater located about 30-minutes outside of Louisville. Be sure to check the business’s website for updated social distancing and safety measures before going, because they are strictly enforced.

Courtesy of Oldham Sky

Get back to being social while social distancing at this mall turned drive-in and concert theater. As of now, shows will run through the summer. You can visit the theaters website for showtimes as well as safety rules.

Courtesy of Drive-In St. Louis

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This historic drive-in theater doubles as a flea market on the weekend. At Starlight Drive-in, you can enjoy double features, concessions, or BYO (bring your own food). Special events are sometimes hosted here as well. Visit their site to see what’s now playing.

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