Moroccan Reflections

So, I just returned from a recent trip to Morocco with my pal, Trevor Jackson. It was our first time visiting Africa and we were ecstatic.  Well, not exactly; Trev tried to play it cool, but I was a bit less composed. We were headed to the motherland!  Euphoric, I donned my Kente head wrap […]


12 Hours in New York City

So you have decided to spend a day or two exploring the Big Apple, or maybe your transnational flight left you with the dreaded extended layover or 12 hours in New York City. Rather, you have a friend who recently or not so recently moved to New York City and has graciously allowed you to stay […]

Udodi Okoh

Top 5 Things To Do In A Rainforest

Rainforests praised for their lush landscapes of beautiful trees and flowers. Here are just a few ways to enjoy them: 1. Snorkeling: Consider a day tour that includes a cruise and snorkeling. Snorkeling provides a way for you to exercise and view marine life up close and personal. 2. Scuba Diving: Enjoy the plant and animal marine […]


The Perfect Weekend Getaway to San Juan, Puerto Rico!

If you are looking for a quick, fun, relaxing and warm location to get away for the weekend definitely consider San Juan Puerto Rico. There are many conveniences to this destination. It is a US territory so no passport is needed, English is spoken everywhere, you can use US currency and there are several NS […]

Nadeen White

Oyam, Uganda

A country full of breathtaking natural scenery and a rich mosaic of tribes and cultures, Uganda is where East and West Africa meet. The Oyam District is a grouping of villages in Northern Uganda still recovering from genocide and the remnants of Joseph Kony and the Lord’s Resistance Army. But you won’t find bitterness here. […]

Travel Noire

Surf’s up! Great Places to Learn to Surf

There are those out there who think people of color don’t surf, especially black women.  This notion is not only false, but more of us are becoming interested in the sport.  Our hair issues aside, black women are just as capable to rip and curl as the next guy.  I know firsthand the feelings of exhilaration […]

D Williams

3 Things They Didn’t tell you About Solo Travel

 It can get lonely! Perhaps it’s just me, but I started out my solo wanders in Tokyo Japan with the dream that I was going to hit the ground singing for joy, loving every second of my solo experience. The truth is, I started out my wanders feeling incredibly lonely. I checked Instagram entirely too […]

Natra Zeryihun

10 Essential Arabic Phrases

Traveling throughout the Arabic-speaking world can be intimidating. Squiggly curves and dots in the place of letters and numbers make reading street names and road signs a challenge. Even when you ask for directions, unfamiliar guttural sounds and clicks distance this Semitic tongue from Anglophone languages. If you don’t have the time or interest to […]

Chantal Blake

How to Survive Hostels for the Ultra Bourgeois

Nothing worse than a broke chick with expensive taste! Ok maybe you’re not exactly broke, but you aren’t trying to break your pockets during your travels around the world either. And I totally understand. I recently set out on a 2-month solo tour across Asia and Europe and had to learn to maximize my dollars […]

Natra Zeryihun

5 Reasons to Visit Ethiopia This Winter

1. Christmas in Addis Ababa I know you’re thinking “but I want to celebrate Christmas with my family!” Well you’re in luck because you still can. Christmas (referred to as Ganna in Ethiopia) is celebrated on January 7th based on the old Julian calendar, not December 25th. On Christmas day in Addis, you will see […]

Natra Zeryihun

Savoring Singapore’s Melting Pot

Singapore is the type of place where it’s not uncommon to stumble upon a Mosque, a Buddhist temple and a Hindu house of worship, all within one block. This varied cultural and religious presence is rooted in the city’s origins, going back to when the British colonized the city-state and established it as a flourishing […]

Glynn Pogue