A Multilinguist’s Manifesto

As we continue to travel the world and engage with other cultures, we often encounter difficulties communicating. As someone who has formally studied four foreign languages and claims proficiency in two, I can say language learning is no easy task. Technology such as Rosetta Stone, Google Translate, and DuoLingo have certainly made it easier, but […]


Discovering the Natural Side of Dubai

Dubai has long been considered one of the world’s most beautiful and progressive cities. I have lived in Dubai for over two years and I have still yet to conquer all of the city. I can say, without shame, I have not ventured over to The Palm. Bur Dubai is a complete mystery to me […]

Travel Noire

Getting To Grips With Delhi

India is a massive country, so to say I’ve seen India would not be exactly accurate, but I will say I’ve seen Delhi. Most travelers to India start out in Delhi; with flights arriving here, you might stay for a night or two depending on your travel itinerary. Arriving in Delhi for the first time […]

Joke Karibo

Italia Is For Lovers

  I had only just met him a few weeks prior, but I couldn’t resist when he offered to take me to Italy to meet his family.  Although, I was perplexed, I agreed with a shoulder shrug and an indifferent, “Sure.”  Notorious for dating foreign men who have problems communicating their thoughts in English, I […]

Travel Noire