The Art of Tea

As evident by Oprah’s recent collaboration with Starbucks, Westerners have recently sparked a renaissance with the cash crop known as tea, by capitalizing on America’s increased demand for efficiently served elixir varieties.  The centuries old practice of partaking of tea has a relaxed feature and importance in social and business meetings, making the art of […]


Pure Panama

I was only in Panama for three days but it was love at first sight. Stepping outside the air conditioned walls of the airport in Panama City, I felt the night air. It was hot and humid, with a slight breeze, just my type of weather. We grabbed a bite to eat at a local […]

Brittany Walters

“Do Right” Travel

As I leaned on the broken wooden slat of the standing truck I was leaving Ecuador on, bumping along the potholed roads, looking back at the home I was leaving behind, I thought not of the landmarks I’d visited and not of the work I had done there, but of the community I had been […]

Travel Noire

Myths of the Middle East

If I had a dime for every negative comment I received after purchasing my trip to Dubai, U.A.E, I could build an empire. “Girllll, uh uh thats too far,” “Isn’t that in the Middle East ?,” “You can’t do anything over there, you have to be completely covered to go outside,” “Where is that? That’s […]

Barea Victoria

NYC: Bite Into The Big Apple

  “Whoever is born in New York is ill-equipped to deal with any other city: all other cities seem, at best, a mistake, and, at worst, a fraud.” – James Baldwin Despite its long, cold winters and sometimes even colder people, New York City remains my favorite place to be. Partiality aside, if I didn’t […]

Travel Noire

The Drunken Munkey NYC: British Indian Cocktails

I live in Brooklyn and traveling outside of Manhattan’s largest borough is sometimes like going through customs at the airport. The birthplace of rapper Notorious B.I.G has a slew of water-holes fit for a king but nothing beats an excuse for an uptown jaunt—The Drunken Munkey NYC . Located in the Upper Eastside neighborhood, The […]

Nicole Taylor

Going Green in Washington, D.C.

There’s a certain cosmopolitan cool to the American national capital. It’s soulful–blessed with a built-in breeze factor that comes no doubt from the fact that it was co-designed by an African-American. Master surveyor and scientist Benjamin Banneker was one of the leading minds behind the city’s lay-out some 200 years ago. Then there’s the vibrancy […]



Studying abroad in Paris can be a magical experience, but that magic does not come cheap. The euro is currently the second highest ranked currency in the Western hemisphere after the British pound. (Just a fun fact, the highest currency in the world is actually the Kuwaiti Dinar, which is almost five times the worth […]

Nia S. Vaughn

A New Way to Relax Using Herbs

I have always thought of Washington, D.C. as the happy medium between Atlanta and New York. More fast-paced and urban than ATL, but you can certainly find trees, fresh air and walkable city streets without being bumped and ignored. D.C. is definitely a busy city and I get the urge to get away and find […]


Siem Reap: Beyond Temples

By far, one of the most memorable days on a month-long trip that took a friend and me across six countries and eleven cities, was riding 4x4s through the countryside of Siem Reap, Cambodia. Most people visit Siem Reap to see the Angkor complex of temples – it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, after […]

Travel Noire

Bonding in Bangladesh

When I stepped out of the airport, after arriving in Bangladesh, the air was heavy with the fragrance of spices.  Someone must have been preparing a curry nearby.  Dhaka, the capital, is one of the most densely populated cities in the world and it becomes most apparent while sitting in traffic.  It moves at a […]

Andrea Bediako

Finding Happiness in Chicago Winters

I don’t know what it is with me and late winter in Chicago. The very first time I went there, in my early 20’s, it was March (spring break) and I visited a friend at Notre Dame. We took the train from South Bend to Chicago and despite it being cold and rainy the entire […]

Travel Noire

The Joys of Sticky Rice

I love Japan. I love the culture, the sights, the sounds. I even like the way it smells! After an extremely long 13-hour flight, most people would be tired and just read to hit the sheets, allowing jet lag to take over.  Arriving back in Japan for the first time in months gave me life. […]

Alicia Fort Anir

Instinctive Style

I come from country people. We are resilient, kind, and most of all—resourceful.  Creativity is a way of life, right down our style of dress.  If you couldn’t buy it, you made it.  If it was overpriced, you grew it yourself.  In my veins run the blood of a country boy from Jamaica and a […]


Finding the Heart of the City: Istanbul

My life is planning. I’m a graduate student studying urban planning. Understanding the importance of a well-planned city and creating a vision for the future is my job. That is why each day I read literature, write papers, and think about how to create plans for the future growth of cities. Yet, in my heart […]

Travel Noire