Skin Color Doesn’t Equal Connection

Whether in the Caribbean, Latin America, or Africa, traveling to a predominately black location can be difficult as a black traveler. The cultural and historical diversity within the African diaspora has created uniquely connected yet disconnected cultures, traditions, and identities. As a black traveler in countries with an African presence, your skin color, race, identity, […]

Tayler Ulmer

Getting Intimate with China (Part 2)

There we were, four American travelers in Beijing scheduled to leave for home in the morning. We had a snag in our plans however. Our visas had expired earlier in the day and now, being illegally in the country, we had no place to sleep the night before our departure. In a last ditch effort […]

Travel Noire

Discover Kuala Lumpur

It’s midday, it’s raining but it’s around 36 degrees centigrade with a sticky humidity in the air. Welcome to Malaysia. I arrive in from Thailand in the middle of the day. My first encounter with Malaysia was back in 2010 when it was recommended that I visit.  To tell you the truth, Malaysia was never on my itinerary/wish list of places to see […]

Natalie A.M

Must-Have Photography Apps

As a photographer, I absolutely love traveling, if for nothing more than the photos I come home with. Then once my plane returns home, I feel the burden of sorting through hundreds, and sometimes thousands of photos. This is where I favor mobile photography. Smartphones come equipped with 8 megapixels (which is pretty amazing for a […]

Travel Noire

Love Affair with Hong Kong

Have you ever been to a city and fallen in love with it immediately? It doesn’t happen to me very often. Most of my favorite places—Paris, London and Montreal, to name a few—started as a slow and steady build. But not Hong Kong. From the moment I arrived, this cosmopolitan city was a dazzling slap […]

Tausha Cowan

Authentic Southern Cuisine in a Not So Southern City

Imagine a warm Sunday afternoon. The aroma of panfried fish, stoneground grits, sautéed greens, and homemade buttermilk biscuits fill your lungs with yearning and love. Unfortunately, this is not your grandmother’s cooking and can be found at Geechee Girl Rice Cafe in the Germantown neighborhood of Philadelphia.  As a Southerner living in the Northeast, my mission for […]

Travel Noire

Reverse Culture Shock

  “Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.” – Miriam Beard Upon returning to the US after living and working in London, my family, friends, and coworkers all welcomed me with great excitement. And along with their welcoming smiles, […]

Jessica Belle

Discover the Faroe Islands

  “The Faroe Islands… I have no clue where that is!” This was the first thought that crossed my mind as I looked through the itinerary of the small luxury cruise ship where I work. When you have a job that is floating around various areas of the world for months at a time, you […]

Lisa Carol Young

Save Money & Study in Europe

Are you thinking about getting a master’s degree? Do you love to travel? Do you dream of spending a year abroad? Have you ever considered combining your educational and travel pursuits? If the answer is yes to any of the above then you are probably aware that each of these endeavors impose serious financial implications, […]

Travel Noire

Getting to Greece

“A man who has been through bitter experiences and travelled far enjoys even his sufferings after a time.” – The Odyssey Getting there is always half of the story. I’ve never reflected on any of my travels without thinking about the mishaps we’ve endured getting there. In the moment, mishaps can be stressful, but over […]

Travel Noire